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The Best MacBook For College Students

Every year, college students return to campuses with new supplies and equipment to put their best foot forward at school. This includes books, pencils, notebooks, carrying bags, and of course — computers. While there are hundreds, even thousands of options out there for students to pick from, no two computers are exactly alike. This is even true for laptops and desktops from the same manufacturer.

For years, Apple has been one of the primary suppliers of computers for college students. The intuitive MacOS system, sleek design, and enhanced security features make MacBooks and iMacs some of the best all-around computers for students. Additionally, the portability of the MacBook makes it easier to carry around from class to class.

So, this begs a few important questions. How can college students find the right computer to fit their needs? What specific features do MacBooks offer that make them good choices in the classroom? Finally, what is the best MacBook for college students? We will answer all these questions and more, but first, let’s look at why MacBooks are a good fit in a college environment.

Why MacBooks Are Good For College

When searching for the best laptop for college, many parents and students learn that Apple laptops are among the best choices. While MacBooks are not cheap, they are affordable when you consider what they offer. In fact, when you compare their price-to-performance ratio, MacBooks almost always come out on top, especially for students on a budget. However, it is not always clear exactly why Apple makes the best laptops for university students. Fortunately, it comes down to just a few simple ways in which MacBooks outperform the competition:


MacBooks, particularly the MacBook Air, are some of the lightest laptops on the market. At just 2.75 pounds, the MacBook Air is lighter than almost any other laptop from Apple’s competitors. Alternatively, the MacBook Pro is just over 3 pounds, making it one of the lightest high-powered laptops. Regardless of the model, Apple laptops provide students with increased portability, without making significant sacrifices to performance.


Over the years, Apple has steadily increased the quality of its products, particularly when it comes to portable computers. The line of MacBook products all use the built-in MacOS, which is ideal for fighting spam and viruses. This means that, whether you’re just browsing the web or using your computer for online gaming, you’re less likely to experience malware-related issues with a MacBook than you would be with a PC from another brand.

Friendly UI

At the end of the day, most college students will not need to do a lot of heavy lifting with their laptops. Most students will just need to send and receive emails, surf the Internet, create documents and spreadsheets, and keep track of their school schedule. This may not require a lot of processing power, but it does mean that students will spend a large portion of their day on their computers. As a result, the majority of students will prefer user-friendly design over most other features, including processing power and storage (though MacBooks rank well in both). Like the iOS on iPhones and iPads, MacOS is designed with the user in mind.

Performance vs. Price – The Balance

As previously mentioned, there is an important ratio that every budget computer shopper should consider: performance vs. price. In theory, a higher price should equate to higher performance, but this isn’t always the case. Some computers are overpriced for what they deliver. Fortunately, MacBooks offer a delicate balance between affordability and high-quality performance.


Picking the best MacBook for college can be tough. College students usually want to get a computer that will last for the entirety of their school and experience — if not longer. This means that they need to find the right balance between price and performance. Additionally, they will need to consider the type of processing power they will need on a daily basis.

Fortunately, most students can get by with a standard processor. If you need to handle heavier tasks, like video editing or graphic design, then you may need one of the high-end models. Otherwise, you can probably do everything you need to with one of the basic models.

It is hard to outperform MacBooks, especially when it comes to storage, RAM, and even processing speed. The MacBook Pro offers SSD storage up to 8 TB, while the MacBook Air has local storage up to 2 TB. This means that MacBooks can store all of your favorite photos, videos, and large files — without needing to rely as much on Cloud storage.

RAM ensures that you can open and run multiple programs at the same time without experiencing delays. MacBooks have RAM ranging between 8GB and 32GB. Generally, the higher the RAM, the better the overall performance of the machine. While most students can get by with 8GB and have very few issues, higher RAM models are more likely to last for the entirety of a student’s academic career.

Though MacBooks have not always been regarded as gaming machines, that has started to change in recent years. Now, MacBooks can handle complex online game designs with ease. Additionally, students have the performance they need to handle most school tasks, including Excel spreadsheets and document creation.


The MacBook Air is the best model for college students on a budget. The MacBook Air generally costs less than the more powerful MacBook Pro models. Though the MacBook Pro is still affordable, its price is higher to compensate for the increased size and processing power.

Regardless of which model you choose, MacBooks are competitively priced. You can get most MacBook models without breaking the bank, especially if you buy refurbished Apple computers. In short, the wide range of MacBook models means that college students can perfectly balance performance and price based on their individual needs.

What Size MacBook Should You Get For College?

When purchasing MacBooks for students, you’ll want to consider the overall measurements and screen size. Though the MacBook Air offers the smallest all-around machine, you can also get a MacBook Pro with smaller dimensions for the best combination of performance and portability. Here’s a list of the current MacBook sizes to choose from:

  • MacBook Air: 13” screen (0.63” x 11.97” x 8.36”)
  • MacBook Pro: 13” screen (0.61” x 11.97” x 8.36”)
  • MacBook Pro: 16” screen (0.64” x 14.09” x 9.68”)

Over the years, Apple has worked to shrink the weight and thickness of its MacBook computers, while still maintaining the large screen size. This ensures that college students no longer need to lug a heavy computer around campus. Additionally, the smaller dimensions make it easier to fit MacBooks into backpacks, purses, and most other handbags.

The MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro For College

When it comes down to it, choosing between the Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro will require a careful consideration of your needs and budget. The MacBook Air is more portable, but still retains high processing power, thanks in large part to the Apple M1 chip. Whether you need to conduct online research for med school or spend hours coding, the MacBook Air is a solid option.

That said, the MacBook Pro does come with more storage, larger display options, and more powerful processors. This makes the Pro version ideal for video and photo editing, as well as other CPU-intensive activities. As a result, the MacBook Pro is best for college students who know they will need a little extra power to handle more complex tasks.

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