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  1. Posted on Feb 18, 2011

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    It’s Twitter Follow Friday! Help Tanga get to 4000 followers today!

    It’s Twitter Follow Friday! Help Tanga get to 4000 followers today!

    Hello Tanganites, let’s have some fun on Twitter today.

    The question is…Can we help Tanga get to 4000 followers today?

    (Interesting trivia – how Follow Friday got started! –

    If you are new to Twitter, here’s how:

    1) First, you should follow Tanga if you haven’t. Do that by going HERE and clicking the “Follow” button.
    2) Post this tweet:

    #FF @Tanga Great daily deals every day. BONUS – you’ll get exclusive deal just for following them today!

    What does it mean?

    1) By using the #FF, that means Follow Friday in Twitter speak.
    2) By using @Tanga, that tells people Tanga’s Twitter handle.
    3) What’s the deal? Every NEW follower get’s a screamin’ deal on one of our best selling products. (It’s a secret – follow us on Twitter to find out!)

  2. Posted on Feb 15, 2011

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    Tanga's First Ever Tanga-Tee Design Contest

    Another Contest!!

    We have sold shirts from “Meh” to “You Like This”, from our cute kitty shirt to our popular zombie shirts. We are now opening the communication because we want to hear YOUR great ideas for our future t-shirts.

    We want to hear your crazy, nerdy, fun ideas and if we like it enough – we will pay you $100 bucks in Tanga Cash! and send you a free shirt YOU designed!

    All you have to do to enter is click the banner and fill out the form. That’s it!! We will go through all of the entries after Feb. 22nd when the contest closes and we will post our favorites and the ones that we want to print will be contacted. You are more than welcome to submit as MANY ideas as you would like and I hope you win!

    This contest is closed

    The first winner is posted as of 7pm PST on 2/23 – check out this link to see who won!! CLICK HERE"

  3. Posted on Feb 15, 2011

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    Tanga's Top Tee-athon!

    We’ve had pickathons, puzzlethons, and Tangathons, now it’s time for our first ever Top Tee-athon! You’ve seen our awesome shirts come and go but for the next seven days we are resurrecting seven of our most popular and top selling tees to give everyone another chance to snag the best ones again.

    Starting tonight, on the unofficial Boxing Day of Valentines Day, we will be highlighting each of our top selling tees in ascending order. Want to see tonight’s (the 15th) t-shirt coming in at #7?

    Click HERE!

    Also – If you have an idea for what you think will be our next top selling t-shirt, then our Tanga-Tee Design Contest is for you! Just hop on over to the blog entry for more info by clicking HERE

  4. Posted on Feb 14, 2011

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    Love-Bomb Puzzlethon Winners!

    Wow! What a great turnout!

    With a total of 2,978 solves and over 362 Tanganites participating we had a great turnout. Out of the 362 participants we had a total of 188 Love-Bombers complete all 12 puzzles! (For a complete list of everyone that solved the 12 puzzles you can click HERE)

    As promised – the 188 finalists have been awarded their “Love-Bomber” badges! You can find this badge and all of your other badges that you have earned on your profile page. You can also see what the badge looks like at the right:

    Wasn’t there more to this contest than just badges? ABSOLUTELY there was! Besides all of the love and mushyness there was also a drawing!

    I entered all 188 finalists into a random number generator and it gave me the following: (the winners are listed under each prize they won)



    So winners, please TG me so that I know which address to send your prizes to! Just let me know the shipping address and how much you love me and I’ll make sure your prizes are shipped out!

    And finally – if you have not already done this – our puzzle mods Arnott and Renfurdson could us a little EXTRA lovin’ for creating all of the Love-Bomb Puzzles and for taking care of all of their fellow Tanganites! Thanks guys!

  5. Posted on Feb 14, 2011

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    Romancing the Tanga Poem Contest Winners!

    Love is in the air and here at Tanga we are breathing it in by the aerosol can-full. If you have not seen the posts from the last two nights here are the links to the first three $10 Tanga Cash winners and the the second three $10 Tanga Cash winners.

    Now the GRAND prize winners, the three folks we deemed worthy of $100 prizes, are outlined below. If/when we write a “Tanga-lovin’-Tanga-Book” these three poems will be on page 1.

    The winners:

    Chocolates in the gutter lie scattered.
    Roses are strewn ’cross the street.
    The love in my heart has been shattered.
    Time for Tanga, to buy something neat.

    Short and… not so sweet :) We really liked the idea of lamenting a lost love on Valentines Day. And while that could have been depressing, there was just something nicely poetic about this one.

    Now that Tanga has won my heart,
    not even the most ornate and scrumptious chocolate
    or a most perfect rose
    can bring back my love, now lost.

    But wait!
    Tanga has just posted a most radiant and tempting deal:
    a subscription to Cosmo, a cute kitty t-shirt
    and a complete body massage kit
    with loofa and all!

    With gifts in hand, my love accepts my humble offerings
    and now she too has now found room in her heart —
    for Tanga.

    A similar theme, but this time Tanga saves the day. Pandering? Maybe :) But it’s still about the execution, and the prose here is nice.

    Time remaining:
    Forty minutes—
    Tanga deals expiring.
    Time remaining:
    Thirty minutes—
    Twenty minutes—

    Magazine subscriptions
    A facemask or a glove
    Something for the one you love

    Time remaining:
    Sixty seconds—
    Spinner ring is tempting
    Time remaining:
    Fifty seconds—
    Forty seconds—

    One could buy some chocolates
    Attach a single rose
    Wrap it up—compose
    Some clever prose

    Hmm. . .

    Time remaining:
    Thirty seconds—
    How my heart is beating!
    Wonder if she’ll
    Buy me something?
    Twenty seconds
    Seven seconds—
    One. . .

    A really wonderful idea, well done. It rhymes a little (just enough), it flows nicely (you can totally “see” it), and it actually gets better upon re-reading (for us, anyway).

    Thanks again to all of those that entered. It was really remarkable to visually SEE the amount of talent that our Tanganites have.

    We will be in touch with the winners very shortly via Tanga Gram so keep an eye out so we can know what/where to send the prizes!

    If our winners need a refresher on what they can pick from as their prizes – here is the list:

  6. Posted on Feb 13, 2011

    Views: 3,218

    Second Set of Winners from the "Romancing the Tanga" Poem Contest!

    If you didn’t see YESTERDAY’S BLOG POST, our hearts are so filled with love that we added
    six additional prizes to this contest: $10 in Tanga Cash.

    We ♥’d three of you yesterday, and tonight, we’re crushin’ on the following users:

    A Valentines Proverb:

    -T-rue Love sings
    -A-nthems in your SOUL but the
    -N-aive Heart yearns for a
    -G-arden of wilting roses
    -A-nd a box of melty chocolates.

    Fun idea, well executed. Style points for “melty.”

    Love’s Anticipation

    Dancing like a flower on a cool spring day
    Smiles like a chocolate rose melting ever so slowly
    in the warm sun
    You make my heart flutter with excitement in anticipation
    of your arrival
    We will move together in our Tanga tango til midnight
    that consumes every fiber of our being
    “Tanga, Tanga” I cry, “where are you?” as I eagerly anticipate
    our next encounter

    We liked the love-letter romanciness of this (and yes, we know “romanciness” is not a real word). It made us feel, just for a moment, that we weren’t just a site for deals and puzzles. But that you loved us for our… selves.

    My heart pounds and fingers quiver
    As this Tanga gift, I to you deliver
    For a lovers’ board game night
    Brings me far more joy and delight
    Than any rose or chocolate might

    A two and then a three is just a lovely form. And that it’s about our board game roots touched our nostaglic hearts.

    Come back tomorrow night and find out who wins the BIG prizes.

  7. Posted on Feb 12, 2011

    Views: 3,274

    First Winners (plural!) from the "Romancing the Tanga" Poem Contest!


    Some really great poems.

    You didn’t just Romance the Tanga, you took the Tanga out on the town, introduced us to your friends, cooked us a delicious meal (who knew you were so talented?), and made us feel like the most special Tanga in the whole wide world.

    You so rose to the occasion that, well… we fell for you. We fell hard. And so we just had to do something special. Which is why we decided to give out six extra prizes. They’re but small tokens of our affection – $10 in Tanga cash – but there were just too many wonderful poems to choose from. And hey, love is crazy that way.

    Tonight we lavish our affection (and ten bucks Tanga) on the following three poets:

    A rose of chocolate(s) …is the heart of love(duh)…Tanga very much!

    Short and sweet. Big love for using the parentheticals. It actually makes sense. And what a finish.

    Love is a tango, a dance
    Between two bodies in harmony,
    Legs twisting, arms tangling.
    Love is a tangy, spicy, taste of life,
    Sweet as chocolate, hot as coffee,
    Delicious as a tangerine.
    Love is tangible, real as a rose
    To be grasped in your fingers,
    So hold it tight.
    Love is a tangent, unexpected
    And worth pursuing.
    Love is Tanga, a deal
    To save you from heart-ache
    And allow you to enjoy life.

    It’s not just that this one managed to work in tango, tangling, tangy, tangerine, tangable, and tangent without feeling overly forced (we espeically like the tangent part), but it didn’t rely on that. The ideas here are nice, and elegantly expressed.

    Upon my doorstep, a dozen roses,
    an array of chocolates in five rows of three,
    and a note that says, “I want you too too much”.
    My heart skipped five beats and my Tanga mind could see…

    What can we say? We’re a sucker for puzzles.

    Come back tomorrow night, where more Tanga woo will be pitched to three more of you. And then on Monday night – Valentine’s Day – when we give away the BIG prizes.

  8. Posted on Feb 11, 2011

    Views: 3,673

    Tanga's Love-Bomb Puzzlethon!

    Time for a much overdue, well thought out, crazy puzzle love fest that will get your heart singing sweet hymns of Tanga Love! We like to call it “Tanga’s Love-Bomb Puzzlethon!”

    Rules are simple -

    1. Tune in to Tanga tonight (Friday, February 11th) at 7pm PST

    2. Click on the above banner and it will take you to the Puzzlethon link.

    3. Solve all 12 puzzles by 7pm PST Sunday Feb 13th to receive a very rare and sought after Tanga Badge for their account page (insert oohs and aahs) and qualify for the grand prize drawings.

    4. On Valentines Day February 14th we will draw 5 random usernames from the pool of users and announce the winners.

    Now to the good stuff:


    -Two winners will receive the 2010 Valentine’s Day DVD
    -Two winners will receive a 12oz bag of See’s Candies “Hot Hearts”
    -The GRAND PRIZE will be a blood-sugar-rocketing 2 lb box of chocolates: See’s Candies “Red Signature Heart” .


  9. Posted on Feb 10, 2011

    Views: 3,167

    Sorry about the downtime

    Tanga was not operating properly for the past hour or so. Everything is working normally now and we’re looking into the root cause now.

  10. Posted on Feb 10, 2011

    Views: 3,262

    Follow the Tanga Brick Road to the Saturday Sell-Off

    You read correctly, folks. Following the Tanga brick road will lead you right to the best deals around. Toto can vouch for us.

    Told you…

    For the month of February, following us on Facebook and Twitter will now allow you to see our “Saturday Sell-Off” deals that we throw up exclusively for those following us. Consider it another way Tanga is giving back the love this month. It is one deal that will go up Saturday morning and will last till it is sold out. Look for the special link on our Facebook profile or in our Tweets around 9:30am PST to be able to take advantage of the exclusive offers.

    Click here for our Twitter page!

    Click here for our Facebook page!

  11. Posted on Feb 9, 2011

    Views: 3,303

    Psst! Check out what is ahead!

    A lot is happening here at Tanga and the love is getting contagious! I can’t give too many details but just an FYI on what is coming up on February 11th, it is going to blow your mind!! It is the “Big, Awesome, Spectacular Tanga Love-Bomb Puzzlethon Extraordinaire”. (the name is still undergoing some changes but you get the point)

    So what on earth is a puzzlethon? Arnott and Renfurdson have made a special batch of puzzles just for Valentines. And if you complete them ALL.. something GREAT happens. No – nothing blows up. I couldn’t get the head honchos to let me do that.. But let’s just say you should come back this Friday night at… say… 7 pm PST to see what all this fuss is about.

  12. Posted on Feb 7, 2011

    Views: 4,000

    Romancing the Tanga - Contest [ Is now Closed!! ]

    The poem contest is now closed – Winners will be announced soon!

    Do you smell that? It’s the smell of love in the air. What does love smell like? Hope and dreams, that’s what.

    Share your love and talents by creating a love poem to seduce even the most prudent of Tanga Users.


    #1 - The poem must be on the subject of love. Whether it is the taste of love, the concept of love, or just the lack of love make sure and write from your heart.

    #2 - Your poem must contain the following words:
    – Tanga
    – Heart
    – Rose
    – Chocolate(s)
    – Love (duh)

    #3 Submit all entries before Feb 11th and we’ll select our favorites and post the winners on Monday Feb 14.

    Where to enter??
    Just submit your entry in a post below for the world to read and see and we will select our winners from there!

    Each of the three winners will be able to choose from the following prizes:

    The poem contest is now closed – Winners will be announced soon!

  13. Posted on Feb 4, 2011

    Views: 4,320

    Now Live from Phoenix, Arizona. It's Tanga Live Customer Support!

    Welcome to the age of live Tanga Customer support! And here is your host, the Tanga Team!

    Okay, so it isn’t Saturday night, and I couldn’t pull anyone away from their customer service duties but I DID want to just share some awesome news about our new (newly reamped that is) feature we are offering our Tanganites!

    We have brought a live customer service system to the site so if emails and tickets aren’t your thing then keep on reading!

    When we are online and ready for some chat-time, you will be able to see a link in the top right corner stating: ‘Chat live with customer support!’ Just click that link and it will bring you right to us!

    He is a quick tutorial on how to deal with our team in a live setting.

    Tip #1- If you have your order number, provide it in the initial questionnaire. This makes sure that the guy on the other end can help you the quickest. If you don’t have it – don’t stress but be prepared to provide additional information so they can find your order(s).

    Tip #2- Tanga Brad IS in fact single. So ladies – flirt it up. You can read more about Tanga Brad by clicking HERE.

    Tip #3- Be prepared to be wowed by our team’s willingness to help you. Some things you just can’t get used to.. And please don’t embarrass yourselves by asking for an autograph – that’s not cool.

    Tip #4- When the chat has ended, feel free to fill out the very quick questionnaire at the end. To get to this page just wait for the page to automatically pop up for you. Do NOT close the chat. The survey is our way of tracking how we are doing and what we can improve on. We ALWAYS love hearing compliments, too!

    Tip #5- Don’t hesitate to use the following words and phrases while chatting:
    - Pragmatic
    - Tootsie Roll
    - Nychthemeron
    And of course:
    -“Tell Tanga Brad I’m single and looking, too.”

    We look forward to being able to help you so click the link: “Chat live with customer support!” at the top of your page and we will be connected to you shortly.

  14. Posted on Feb 3, 2011

    Views: 4,031

    Get to Know the Tanga Team: Tanga Brad

    Today we would like to introduce someone on our Tanga Team that is on the front lines. The person that, if you have an issue, is the guy to go to. Tanga Brad has answered these very serious and very thought out questions to allow each and every one of us a glimpse into the brilliant and crazy mind that keeps all of the puzzlers and customers happy.

    Feel free to comment and ask your own questions!

    1. Creamy or crunchy peanut butter?
    ‘Crunchy by far!’

    2. When did you start at
    ‘Last summer.’

    3. Where in the world is Carman Sandiego?
    ‘Buenos Aires, Argentina.’

    4. How long have you been male?
    ‘Since 1903’

    5. Are you good at Customer Service?
    ‘Some customers think so. The others? Well we just wont include them on this survey.’

    7. What happened to question #6?
    ‘He is answering customer service emails right now instead of me. Thanks #6! What would we do without you?’

    8. Dogs or Cats?
    ‘Dogs, not just any dogs, big ones.’

    9. Do you like your job?
    ‘Yes. Doesn’t everyone?’

    10. How many fingers am I holding up?
    ‘Eleven fingers’

    11. Is Tanga Nate your favorite co-worker?
    ‘I think #11 needs to go help #6 answer some emails! ;)’

    12. What is your favorite:
    -Color? ‘Tanga Blue’
    -Shape? ‘Sphere’
    -Brand of bottled water? ‘There was a bottled water company in Argentina called ‘Dishwater’ I think I will choose that one!’
    -Website? ‘What do you think?!’
    -Sleeping position? ‘Any and all’

    13. What is the first thing you do when you get home from the office?
    ‘Scream into a pillow’

    14. How many Tanga Puzzles have you submitted?
    ‘That would be a big ZERO’

    15. How many puzzles have you answered?

    16. How would you describe your Tanga duties?
    ‘Tanga duties? I would liken my Tanga duties to custodial work.’

    17. Do you dream about Tanga?
    ‘I have dreams about TangaMonkey every night.’

    18. Is electricity a liquid or a gas?
    ‘Neither, it doesn’t exist.’

    19. How many pairs of ‘tanga’ do you own, personally?
    ‘That is confidential.. But let’s just say they have their own drawer.’

    20. How many Titanium Rings do you own?
    ‘One for each finger and toe, of course!’

    20 1/2. What is one thing you would like to say to our Tanganites out there?
    ‘Become friends with the FAQ page, he is much cooler than TangaBrad.’

  15. Posted on Feb 2, 2011

    Views: 3,244

    Results for the January iPad and Apple TV Giveaway!

    The time has come to announce our ‘New Year – New You Winners!’

    How did these gals win? The New Year Giveaway featured an iPad for ‘liking’ Tanga on Facebook and an Apple TV for tweeting about us on Twitter!

    We are changing things up this time and we will be spotlighting the winners for your jealousy pleasure. We asked each winners the following questions:

    1. What emotions were you feeling after hearing that you won?

    2. What is the first thing you plan on doing with your prize?

    3. What do you plan on doing with your prize?

    4. Explain to us, in detail, what your happy Tanga dance is like?

    Our first winner, Joyce R., reigns from Westlake, Louisiana and had this to say:

    WOW!!!! Is this for real? You’re not jiving me, are you?’

    1. Emotions: ‘My thoughts were, ’This MUST be a scam!’
    2. First thing I plan to do: ‘Is to show it off, and share my “good news” with others.’
    3. Plan for the prize: ‘Putting it to good use!’
    4. Happy Tanga Dance: ‘Making an absolute fool of myself!’

    Congrats Joyce!!

    Our second winner, Kathleen D., reigns from Ormond Beach, Florida and had this to say:

    ’I just started jumping up and down. Thank you so very much! ’

    1. Emotions: ‘I am a huge Apple fan so I got extremely excited when I found out that I won. I jumped up and down and hugged my fiance!’
    2. First thing I plan to do: ’ Go to the Apple website and read how to use it! Once I learn what to do, I will watch some Apple TV, of course!’
    3. Plan for the prize: ‘I plan on using it to watch lots and lots of movies. I also plan on using it to calm my children down by playing their favorite cartoons so I can get my school work and house chores completed.’
    4. Happy Tanga Dance: ‘Well, I wouldn’t really call it dancing. It’s a combination of me running and jumping. Way worse than the goofy out-takes on the ‘So you think you can dance’ show.’

    Congrats Kathleen!

  16. Posted on Feb 1, 2011

    Views: 4,456

  17. Posted on Jan 31, 2011

    Views: 3,122

    Think You Are Lucky? Lucky Liker Contest is Starting, NOW!

    So you think you are lucky? Let’s test your arrogance and luckiness with a new Lucky Liker Contest!

    A few weeks ago we ran this same contest and we found some pretty lucky people that won The Notebook Shirt. They loved it so much we decided to give all you other folks out there another shot so we are giving 5 free t-shirts away to 5 Lucky-Likers!

    “What do I need to do to prove my luckiness to the world?” – You may ask? Just follow these simple steps:

    1. Just click HERE*
    2. Click the button
    3. Open your window and tell the world how much you love Tanga.

    We will be in touch with the 5 Lucky Liker winners!

    *Please note that you MUST click the "Like: button on the shirt PRODUCT PAGE and not this blog post to enter. You can still click the “Like” on the post well if you feel so inclined!

  18. Posted on Jan 27, 2011

    Views: 2,911

    I am Blog.. Remember Me?

    Dearest Tanga and Tanganites,

    This is Blog, remember me? I used to bring you such joy and happiness and now, for some time, I have been left in the corner to collect dust and watch stop-motion videos on Youtube.

    (This is a self portrait I drew of how the last year has been for me..)

    I think our Tanganites deserve a place they can come and laugh, cry, enjoy reading about Tanga, our Tanga Team, and win prizes and Tanga Cash.

    So come back often for updates and news because I will not be hiding any longer!

    If you want to keep up with the contests, news, posts, and Tanga scandals then you can either check out the big, green “Discuss” bar up top or you can subscribe to the RSS Feed at this link: The choice is yours.

    Insincerely Yours,
    Tanga Blog

  19. Posted on Jan 26, 2011

    Views: 4,449

    Tanga Super Bowl Pick 'em! (Non-FB!)

    This contest is for all of our great Tanganites out there so make sure and put your vote in for who YOU think will take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy and bragging rights for the next year!

    Are you a Green Bay Packers fan or are you a Pittsburgh Steelers fan? Show your love and support AND enter yourself to win a chance at $50 big ones in Tanga Cash! We will select 5, count ’em 1-2-3-4-5, lucky, random winners from the WINNING team on Feb. 7th.

    Where to enter? Just click here to cast your vote!

    Note the contest does end on Feb. 6th at 3:30 pm PST so waiting and casting your vote till The Black Eyed Peas are jammin’ it up on the field is not an option here, folks!

    Also – Make sure you show some love for who you voted for in the comments below!

  20. Posted on Jan 13, 2011

    Views: 2,803

    5 Lucky "Likers" T-Shirt Contest!!

    Howdy Tanganites!

    Happy New Year!

    Just wanted to let everyone know we are having a quick, 24 hour contest that is actually REALLY easy to enter.

    You will have to do the following:
    1) Visit the Attention Ladies! I Enjoyed the Notebook T-Shirt on – by clicking “Like.” Five lucky LIKERs will receive this shirt FREE. (Yes – we said free and it does truly exist!)

    2) Click the thumbs up button (that looks like this…).

    3) Do it right now! Contest ends at 7pm PST on the 15th!!!

    Winners to be announced January 15, 2011

    Yes, you do need Facebook to participate. Ready…Set…“Like!”

  21. Posted on Jan 7, 2011

    Views: 4,049

    Tanga's First Twitter Contest of 2011!

    Tanga is having the first Twitter contest of 2011 starting now! If you “Tweet-the-deets-to-your-peeps” on a daily basis, you’re a casual Tweeter or you don’t have Twitter but want to join so you can enter the contest, here’s how:

    Step 1 : Become a Follower of Tanga on Twitter

    Step 2 : Mention Tanga (@tanga) on your tweet. One Mention Per Day.

    Contest ends on January 31st. Winner will be randomly selected and will win an Apple TV courtesy of Good Luck & Happy Tweeting!

    Must be a U.S. Resident
    Must be 18 Years of Age or Older

  22. Posted on Jan 5, 2011

    Views: 3,025

    Tanga's New Year iPad Giveaway Starts Today!

    It’s a New Year and we are excited for our first contest of 2011! Tanga’s “New Year, New You, Refer a Friend & They Can Win Too!” iPad Giveaway will last until January 31st. All you have to do is click here to sign up. DON’T FORGET, if you refer a friend and they win, you also win an iPad! Good luck everyone & Happy New Year!

  23. Posted on Jan 1, 2011

    Views: 2,251

    Extra Triptych for Tonight

    Courtesy of Jewelia.

    Thanks to her, and to all the other triptych-makers this past week.

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  24. Posted on Dec 30, 2010

    Views: 2,587

    New Changes on the Front Page of Tanga for 2011!

    Hello Tanganites!

    The New Year is almost upon us. I hope that 2010 treated you well and that you are looking forward to an even better 2011! We have made some changes to our web site as we prepare to enter into 2011 that I wanted to let you know about.

    1) Our Game channel is now going to become a Miscellaneous channel. We did this because it’s been hard to find great games at “Tanga” prices. We will still offer great deals on Games and Toys in this channel, but only when we have a really good deal that we feel people will appreciate and buy.

    2) Our Tanga Channel will mostly focus on Electronics and Gadgets.

    3) Our Good Till Gone Channel (which used to be like a Miscellaneous channel) will now be a Members-Only channel. This means that you will need to login to Tanga in order to purchase this daily deal. We wanted to do special deals for those Tanga members who come daily to our site, spend time here and frequently take advantage of our great deals.

    4) At the bottom of the page, is a new easy-to-use signup form to become a part of our Daily Product Alert email and/or our Weekly Exclusive Deals newsletter.

    Thank you for all of your support in 2010 and have a fantastic and safe New Year!

  25. Posted on Dec 26, 2010

    Views: 2,649

    Puzzle Triptychs for the Next 6 (or 7) Days

    Just a reminder: starting tonight, all three puzzles – Cryptopix, One Word Wonder, and Hypercross – will come from a single author. That means a new Hypercross every night this week.

    Sunday kicks off with Murdoctor.
    Philana is next,
    then Jebediehard,
    and then Sonjahi.

    (and maybe a bonus surprise triptych for New Year’s Day)

    Having seen all of the others’ puzzles, I can tell you that everyone really stepped up to the plate, and that no one shied away from having fun with the fact that they were given triptychs. Hopefully I succeeded in doing the same :)


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