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  1. Posted on Mar 23, 2011

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    Cleanup on Aisle Tanga! Wednesday Night's Special Sales!

    Welcome back to “Tanga’s First Ever Spring Cleaning Buy Cool Stuff for Cheap Prices While Solving Past Submitted Puzzles and Contest Extravaganza!! ©”

    (Yes – the name is copyrighted)

    Come back every night to see all of the Spring Cleaning Blowout products in the Second Chance (marked as “Hot Deal”)

    Here are TONIGHT’S two AWESOME blowout deals that wont’ last long:

    $5 T-Shirt!!—3

    What? That’s a steal on this tripod!

    Here are yesterday’s two AWESOME blowout deals that are almost gone:

    $5 T-Shirt!!—2

    Great price on Knife Set!!

    Here are Monday’s three AWESOME blowout. Hurry – They are going quick!!:

    $5 T-Shirts!!—2

    Free Mystery Rings!!—2

  2. Posted on Mar 23, 2011

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    Tanga Caption Contest: 3/23 - 3/30


    Do you think you can come up with a funny caption for this picture?

    Post it in the comments below. The author of the caption which we deem the funniest will win $25 in Tanga Cash!

    Check back each Wednesday night at 6:30pm PDT to see the winner and the next caption contest!

    Contest CLOSED!

  3. Posted on Mar 22, 2011

    Views: 3,119

    Cleanup on Aisle Tanga! Tuesday Night's Special Sales!

    Welcome back to “Tanga’s First Ever Spring Cleaning Buy Cool Stuff for Cheap Prices While Solving Past Submitted Puzzles and Contest Extravaganza!! ©”

    (Yes – the name is copyrighted)

    Come back every night to see all of the Spring Cleaning Blowout products in the Second Chance (marked as “Hot Deal”)

    Here are TONIGHT’S two AWESOME blowout deals that wont’ last long:
    $5 T-Shirt!!—2

    Great price on Knife Set!!

    Here are yesterday’s three AWESOME blowout deals that are almost gone:

    $5 T-Shirts!!—2

    Free Mystery Rings!!—2

  4. Posted on Mar 22, 2011

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    JOB OPENING: Programmer for Tanga is looking for someone to help expand our e-commerce functionality. This work would focus on the database and backend Ruby service. This is a contract position (for now).

    Tanga runs on Rails and Postgresql.

    Contact if you:

    - Know Ruby well. Metaclasses do not scare you. You wield the power of TDD bravely. You can fix bugs in ActiveRecord.

    - Know Postgresql well. You know how to properly use savepoints inside ActiveRecord. You know when to use composite keys. You know how to avoid deadlocks in Postgresql. You know why validate_uniqueness_of is useless/broken inside Rails.

    - You have a good sense of database design, particularly with how to simply and cleanly integrate it with the standard Rails idioms, but without losing the power of the modern DMBS.

    - You are not afraid to have your code critiqued, you are not afraid to critique other code, and you are open to new ideas.

    - You are pragmatic. We’re looking to ship, not build ivory towers. We’re looking to have simple, easily-testable and modifibable code and database architecture. Something that’s easier to test, for us, is better than something that’s Well Designed and Fast.

    - You understand the *nix environment (processes, heap/stack, system calls, etc).

    - You understand the web (http headers, cookies, dns, etc).

  5. Posted on Mar 22, 2011

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    Spring Cleaning Puzzle"thon"!

    Okay, Gang,

    Here are the Spring Cleaning Puzzles!

    How It Works
    Every day at NOON, Pacific Time (except for tonight, where we’re doing this at 7PM) there will be a new Blog entry with URL links to ALL of the puzzles in our Spring Cleaning Puzzle"thon".

    Each new Blog entry will also have a link to the previous Blog entry (so you can go back and get the old puzzle links if you need them). Yeah, it’s not a nice splash page with thumbnails like we had with the Love Bomb, but, hey, it’s what we put together so that we could still run this baby this week.

    So that’s a bunch (the total number of puzzles will vary each day) of puzzles tonight, Tuesday @ 7pm, Wednesday the 23rd @ Noon. Thursday @ Noon, and Friday @ Noon. And if we don’t clean out enough puzzles, maybe even Saturday @ Noon.

    Regardless, you will all have until SUNDAY, MARCH 27th at 7PM, Pacific to be entered into our Contest/Raffle. Every puzzle you solve gets you an entry, or, if you prefer, a “ticket” into the raffle, so the more puzzles you solve by Sunday, the better your chances to win. But you can also just solve one or two puzzles and still have a chance.

    You do NOT need to solve all of the puzzles to be included in this contest – you only need to solve one. By Sunday night.

    All of the puzzles award points as Unfeatured’s: 3 points for solving a Cryptopix or One Word Wonder, and 5 points for solving a Hypercross. Additionally, there are NO bonus points awarded for top 100 solves, so feel free to solve these at your leisure.

    Caveat Emptor
    Some of these puzzles are semi-unmoderated. Hopefully we’ve caught all the typos and stuff, but, well… bear with them , okay?

    And some of them will be quite good, to the point where you might think, “Hey, this could have been Featured.” The point to this ’thon is to try and clear out the OLD stuff, regardless.

    The Prizes
    Once the contest ends on Sunday, will throw all of the “tickets” into a metaphorical hat and draw three winners.

    Two lucky puzzlesolvers will get… DUSTBUSTERS!
    And the Grand Prize winner will get… A DUSTBUSTER + $25 Tanga Cash!

    Okay, on with the show…

    The Puzzles
    Hey, TangaNate made us a handy-dandy splash page of our own:—2

    Thanks, Nate!

  6. Posted on Mar 22, 2011

    Views: 2,963

    Spring Cleaning Puzzles Will Start Tonight, March 21

    Hey, Gang,

    The first batch of Spring Cleaning puzzles will go up TONIGHT at 7pm, Pacific, just to “catch up” and then we’ll be putting out a new batch of puzzles on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at NOON, Pacific.

    [Edit] There IS a special page for this list so make sure and check back tonight at 7 PDT for that link. Then you can visit that link every day this week at Noon PDT to solve the newest puzzles and enter yourself to win the prizes!

    Yeah, it’s not gonna end up being very pretty, but at least it’ll get done. Which, when you think about, is kinda what Spring Cleaning is all about :)

  7. Posted on Mar 21, 2011

    Views: 3,386

    Cleanup on Aisle Tanga! Contests, Puzzlethons, and Special Sales All Week!

    Welcome to “Tanga’s First Ever Spring Cleaning Buy Cool Stuff for Cheap Prices While Solving Past Submitted Puzzles and Contest Extravaganza!! ©”

    How about THAT for an event title! (Yes – the name is copyrighted)

    Be nice to your wives, fellas, this week is National Spring Cleaning Week. Heck – it might even be worth buying a French Maid for the week! (personal French Maid referrals to come – see banner for details and photo)

    Tanga has joined in on the spirit and has a great week planned out! From things such as Mystery Shirts and Tanga Trash in the Bottom Feeder to discounted Mystery Rings and Shirts in Second Chance. We even have contests and puzzles planned out for this week so more info is to come on that! Come back every night to see each Spring Cleaning Blowout products in the Second Chance (marked as “Hot Deal”)

    This Promo has ended! :(

  8. Posted on Mar 18, 2011

    Views: 3,000

    Spring Cleaning Puzzle"thon"

    Hey, Gang,

    Sunday, March 20, is the first day of Spring. So the puzzle side of Tanga is gonna be doing a little Spring Cleaning. I’m not exactly sure when
    it’ll start – Monday, maybe – but it’ll be posted here and in the Blog and, well… we won’t let it sneak past you.

    I put “thon” in quotes because we’ll likely be rolling out extra puzzles all week, and they’ll all be Unfeatured, points-wise, so you’re in no immediate rush to solve them…

    …but I also added the “thon” part because we’ll be giving away prizes for solving. And the good news is: you don’t have to solve them all to be eligible. Each puzzle that you solve gets you one entry into the contest. So think of it like a raffle, where every puzzle you solve gets you another ticket. The more puzzles you solve, the better your chances… but you can also just solve one and still win!

    The puzzles will be a mix: some of ‘em, I’ll just warn you now, will be less than stellar :) The ones that have sat in the Submitted queue, mocking us Mods. Too good to reject outright, but still missing something… that we just can’t figure out.

    Some will be puzzles that have been abandoned by their authors. And puzzles that maybe feel too familiar.

    But some of them will be quite good – Featurable, even – puzzles that have been sitting in the Nominated queue for more than 3-4 months.

    In other words: Spring Cleaning!

  9. Posted on Mar 15, 2011

    Views: 3,160

    Winner of the Tanga Poker Tourney: Announced!

    On Saturday night, the sound of poker chips, bad beats, and bluffs could be heard across computer monitors around the country as Tanga’s First Poker Tourney unfolded.

    We do recognize that there were some issues due to unforeseen limitations and for that we apologize that not everyone could enter as they wanted to.

    With that said, we do hope that everyone that entered and played had a good time.

    The following people made the final table and their cut of the Tanga Cash pot. Here are the winners in descending order:

    First place ($50 TC) StereoMike
    Second place ($25 TC) jamesburley1
    Third place ($10 TC) mnovet
    Fourth place ($5 TC) munny01
    Fifth place ($5 TC) Emilyc941
    Sixth place ($5 TC) allisonNC

    A HUGE congrats goes out to StereoMike who took home the grandprize of $50 Tanga Cash for coming in first place in the tournament.

    A special award goes out to Munny01 for having the cajones and ability to take out Renfurdson and we are especially pleased that he has been humbled. At least until our next tournament, that is.

    We do know that a user on did take out Tanga Monkey (Jeremy) and if that person can come forward we will be able to award that Tanga Cash prize to them.

    Thanks to everyone who participated and we look forward to another tournament in the future.

  10. Posted on Mar 14, 2011

    Views: 4,152

    Join Tanga's NCAA Tournament Challenge!

    It’s that time of year, when guys named Kemba, Kawhi and Jimmer dominate our thoughts and dreams. When Blue Devils get into staring contests with Jayhawks. When we consider wearing face paint around the house…just because.

    Yes, fellow Tanganites, the 2011 Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament brackets have been announced and it’s time for Tanga’s 2011 Tournament Challenge!

    Who can pick the most winners? Whether you are into sports or not, participating is easy. Just go through and make your guesses of who will win and we will see how who is the best prognosticator of the bunch.

    The Prizes!

    First prize: $75 Amazon Gift Card

    Second prize: Hoosiers DVD

    Third prize: A pair of totally tubular TUBE SOCKS!

    How to Play

    Sign up by creating an account here and following the instructions:

    Group: tangatanga
    Password: tanga

    Be sure to have the brackets picked by Wednesday night as the first game is on Thursday morning.

    After that, just follow along and we will see who does the best in our Tanga group!

    Game on….

  11. Posted on Mar 8, 2011

    Views: 4,419

    Tanga Texas Hold'em Freeroll Tournament: Announced!

    Attention Sharks and Fish alike! Announcing the first ever Tanga Texas Hold ’em Freeroll Tournament!

    Don’t worry, you can’t lose a dime! This one’s on Tanga.

    The tournament will take place on Saturday, March 12, 5pm Pacific time.

    There will be six players per table. All six players who make the final table will win Tanga Cash!
    From first place down to sixth the prizes, in TangaCash, will be: $50, $25, $10, $5, $5, $5

    Also, there will be a $5.00 Tanga Cash bounty on every Tanga employee who plays in the tournament. This means the player who knocks out Arnott, for example, will get $5.00 Tanga Cash even if she doesn’t come close to making the final table.

    So many ways to win!

    All you need is a free account at If you already have an account at Pokerstars, you can use your existing account.

    No need to deposit any money. Just download the free software and create an account.

    For those of you creating a new Pokerstars account, please make your account name at Pokerstars the same as your Tanga user name. That will make it t easy for us to award the Tanga Cash to the 6 winners. If your Tanga username is not available as a Pokerstars user name, just add “tanga” to the end of it.

    For those of you playing the tournament on an existing Pokerstars account, your Pokerstars user name will probably not be the same as your Tanga user name. If you make the final table, just tell us your tanga user name using the chat at the table. renfurdson will be watching (and most likely he will be the chip leader…)

    Once you get the confirmation email, just go back to “Account” and Click “Validate Address” to type in the code they emailed.

    Click on the Home Games tab in the Pokerstars lobby. Then click on “Join a Poker Club.”

    You will be asked to enter a club ID number, an invitation code and your name.

    The Tangapoker Club ID # is: 136199

    The invitation code is: tangatanga

    If you entered all the info incorrectly, this is what it will look like under the “Home Games” tab once you are done.

    Then all you have to do is log in on Saturday, March 12th at 5pm Pacific time and take your seat!

    Have Questions? Let us know below and we will make sure it is clear how to enter!

    Have fun, good luck, and “May the odds be ever in your favor!”

    Fine print:
    Tanga has no association or affiliation with Pokerstars. This means we don’t make any money off any of you become Pokerstars customers now or anytime in the future… Bummer.

  12. Posted on Mar 7, 2011

    Views: 3,060

    Winners of the Charlie Sheen contest: Announced!

    Sorry Charlie – You are just too funny!

    So you have laughed your head off at the obscene and awesome things Charlie Sheen has said. Maybe you cried when you realized our funny-man from Two and a Half Men went off the deep end. Either way – I hope you voted for your favorite Charlie Sheen quotes to win yourself $20 in Tanga Cash!

    Now to announce who won the random drawing and $20 in Tanga Cash:




    And now to quote a very wise man: WINNING!” -Mr. Charlie Sheen, 2011

    Here are the voting trends for everyone’s favorite quote. This way you know where you stand on how funny you think Mr. Sheen is compared to everyone else:

    Keep on the lookout for more great contests, giveaways, and fun ways to make an extra buck here on!

  13. Posted on Mar 3, 2011

    Views: 3,150

    Oscar Hypercross Wrap-Up & Winners!

    Hey, All, if you solved and voted in the Oscars Hypercross, we just posted the wrap-up today in the Discussion Forum:

    And even if you didn’t, take a second and just check out the 19 different Movie Title Clues that 19 different Tanga Users made. It was pretty cool.

  14. Posted on Mar 3, 2011

    Views: 3,105

    Winners for "Tanga's Oscar Party Pick'em" Announced!

    A HUGE CONGRATS goes out to Tanga Users:




    You will be receiving an email shortly from with your $50 gift certificate code inside!

    They not only picked all six 100% correctly, they were also drawn from the pool of people that picked all six. They beat the odds not once, but TWICE! (Unless of course you think foresight and looking into the future as NOT beating the odds)

    Well where did everyone that entered stack up? Check out below, it’s a handy little graph to show you!

    Didn’t get a chance to read how these users won? Check out the original entry Blog post by clicking the banner below:

    Have you seen our Lucky Charms Sweepstakes?? Winners receive an entire year supply of Lucky Charms and $100 worth of AZ Lottery Scratchers! Make sure you enter to win! Click here to see the blog post and to enter

  15. Posted on Mar 3, 2011

    Views: 3,596

    Charlie Sheen: A "Winning" Kind of Guy! Vote & Win $20 Tanga Cash

    Charlie Sheen has made us laugh for years on his hit TV program “Two and a Half Men”. Now we will laugh at him for years for the CRAZY things he has said the last few weeks.

    Click this link HERE to enter to vote for your favorite Charlie Sheen quote for your chance at winning $20 in Tanga Cash.* We will accept entries all the way up till March 7th at noon PST!

    In honor of making sure everyone is getting in on this fun, we have a few Tanga Shirts up for sale tonight with a few of his new catch-phrases. ( If you can call the rantings of a lunatic a catch-phrase! )

    You can grab the Tanga: “Bi-Winning” tees by clicking HERE

    You can grab the Tanga: “Charlie Sheen Drugs” tees by clicking HERE

    *Winners will be drawn at random from the pool of voters and will be contacted on Monday, March 7th.

    Sorry Charlie – This contest is over! Better check the blog more often! Keep an eye out for the results!

  16. Posted on Mar 2, 2011

    Views: 3,214

    Winners of the Tanga-Love Sweepstakes!

    February now is over, the rose petals are wilting, and our guilt is finally fading about the entire box of chocolates we ate a few weeks ago.

    Tanga felt your Love and now it is time for us to give it back with the anouncement of our “Spread The Love” giveaway!

    A BIG congratulations goes out to Susan K. from Waterloo, IL who is the GRAND PRIZE winner of the Amazon Kindle! When we emailed to congratulate her and asked her what she was planning to do with her new Kindle, she replied with the following:

    I was totally surprised and excited!!!! I was jumping up and down woo hoo!! Really,really LOVE TANGA!!! I haven’t really thought about what I will use it for— I’m too excited!

    We replied and told her to make sure and Google what a Kindle is so that by the time it arrives in the mail she will know what they are used for.

    We also had two Facebook/Twitter winners as well! When we emailed the two ladies we sent them five questions so we can kind of get a feel for how excited they were.

    Here are those questions:

    1. How many times did you scream and jump up and down?

    2. Is this the first thing you have won this year? (2011)

    3. Describe to us your Happy Tanga Dance:

    4. What is the first thing you are going to do with your new HD Flip Video Camera?

    5. Describe in full, explicit detail, how much you just love

    Odessa E. from Los Banos, CA, who is our winner of the Facebook referral and won the HD Flip Video Camera, replied with these answers below:

    1. It was more like one big looooong scream! I jumped up and down long enough for my kids to go from thinking it was fun, to thinking I was nuts!

    2. It is the first big thing I have won this year!!! Well, next to the couple bags of cough drops and the gift card for $1.29. Hard to beat the excitement of a $1.29 gift card, but you guys did it!!!!

    3. Let me just assure you, be happy you are not here to witness my Tanga Happy Dance. I think it is best described as resembling someone with squirrels in their pants. But boy does it feel good!!!

    4. First thing I am going to record is my Tanga Happy Dance!!!!!

    5. I love more than I love Chocolate chip cookies, yellow cake with chocolate frosting, warm summer days, roller coasters, the beach, a warm fire and a good book on a cold day, Acetaminophen when I have a headache…..well, I REALLY love, you get the idea.

    Tami A.from Harvey, ND who is our second winner of the Facebook referral and won the HD Flip Video Camera, replied with these answers below:

    1. I don’t remember… I passed out lol

    2. Do coupons count as a win? :)

    3. Well I grew up in the Michael Jackson era so it includes the moonwalk with me wearing a white glove dusting the furniture and the kids highly embarrassed!

    4. I will be recording my kids.. basically stalking them & I know they are going to love every minute… well for sure I will!!!

    5. How much I love Tanga… let me count the deals I have gotten… from magazines, to t-shirts to electronics… I find Tanga highly addictive & can’t get enough!!!! The puzzles stump me & keep me coming back also as a added bonus!!! Thank you Tanga for saving me money & putting this huge smile on my face!!! :) You guys are the best!!

    From our team her at – a one last big “Thanks for the Love!!” goes out to everyone who entered and especially to our three lucky ladies: Susan, Odessa, and Tami!

    Make sure you enter for your chance to win an ENTIRE YEAR SUPPLY of Lucky Charms Cereal and $100 worth of AZ Lottery Scratchers!! Click Here To Enter!

  17. Posted on Mar 1, 2011

    Views: 4,608

    Win Year Supply of Lucky Charms + $100 Scratch Tickets!

    The following is taken directly from the backside of an Arizona Lottery Scratcher (and no – it wasn’t a winner..)

    -TO CLAIM PRIZES: All Arizona Lottery Retailers will redeem prizes up to $100 and may redeem prizes up to $599. Any prize can be claimed in person at the Phoenix or Tucson Lottery office or by mailing your signed ticket to:
    Arizona Lottery
    Box 2913
    Phoenix, AZ 85062-2913

    A claim form must also be completed for tickets winning prizes of $600 or more. Prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the announced end-of-game date.

    -All tickets, transactions, and winners are subject to Lottery Rules and State Law. A ticket is void if it fails a Lottery validation test or rules requirement. Tampering with a Lottery ticket is a Class 3 felony punishable by law. Must be 21 or older to purchase or redeem tickets.

    -For additional information, call (480) 921-4400 or (520) 628-5107 or visit our website at

    Contest Closed

  18. Posted on Mar 1, 2011

    Views: 2,900

    Still Time to Solve/Vote Oscars Hypercross

    Hey, Gang,

    Nineteen different Tangans each created a clue for an Oscar Best Picture Hypercross and you still have until 7pm Pacific tonight to check it out, try and solve it, and then (only if you want to) vote for your favorite clues:

  19. Posted on Feb 28, 2011

    Views: 3,242

    Think You are Lucky? Like Tonight's Shirt and Win!

    So you think you are lucky? Let’s test your arrogance and luckiness with a new Lucky Liker Contest!

    A few weeks ago we ran this same contest and we found some pretty lucky people that won some cool nerdy shirts. They loved it so much we decided to give all you other folks out there another shot so we are giving 5 free t-shirts away to 5 Lucky-Likers!

    “What do I need to do to prove my luckiness to the world?” – You may ask? Just follow these simple steps:

    1. Just click HERE*
    2. Click the button
    3. Open your window and tell the world how much you love Tanga.

    We will be in touch with the 5 Lucky Liker winners!

    *Please note that you MUST click the "Like: button on the shirt PRODUCT PAGE and not this blog post to enter. You can still click the “Like” on the post well if you feel so inclined!

  20. Posted on Feb 25, 2011

    Views: 3,087

    Last Winner of the Tanga T-Shirt Design Contest!

    We have our third and final winner of our Tanga T-Shirt Design Contest!

    A HUGE congrats goes out to DIANAGT who is the final winner of the $100 Tanga Cash prize of our design contest. Their t-shirt is up for sale at this very moment and you can see it (and BUY it) right now at by clicking HERE

    We want to thank everyone again for their entries. We had a great turn out. We actually had a little over 200+ entries so as you can imagine it was tough narrowing it down to only three winners. There are a lot of sarcastic Tanganites out there and I like to think that we had a little help in doing that!

    If you missed seeing the first two winners, here is a special banner to show who won and what their winning t-shirt was.

    Another big thanks goes out to everyone that entered! You guys rock!

  21. Posted on Feb 25, 2011

    Views: 2,883

    Oscar Hypercross this SUNDAY the 27th

    Just a friendly reminder to all that this Sunday’s Hypercross, in addition to being a fun puzzle where all the
    answers are BEST PICTURE WINNERS – is also a contest for the puzzlemakers involved.

    And they’ll need your votes.

    So come on by, solve the clues, and then pick your favorites.

  22. Posted on Feb 24, 2011

    Views: 3,041

    Second Winner of the T-Shirt Contest Anounced!

    We have our second winner and their shirt is for sale tonight!

    We held a Tanga-Tee Design Contest that started on Tuesday the 15th and ended yesterday the 22nd.

    We again waded through all of the entries and we found our winners. Tonight’s is a very simple, yet endearing winner and it is even more exciting that they are a newcomer to Tanga!

    Congrats to Sherry76 for tonights shirt idea! Your shirt is for sale right now!

    You can check out Sherry’s shirt by clicking HERE.

    Come back tomorrow night when we announce our final winner of our t-shirt contest and our last winner of the $100 Tanga Cash prize!

    Missed last night’s winner? You can click HERE to see the first winner of the contest!

  23. Posted on Feb 23, 2011

    Views: 3,649

    Results for the Tanga-Tee Design Contest!

    We have a winner selected and believe it or not – their shirt is already up for sale… TONIGHT!!

    We held a Tanga-Tee Design Contest that started on Tuesday the 15th and ended yesterday the 22nd.

    We went through all of the entries [ there were 217 entries mind you! ] and we have our three grand prize winners!!

    Our first winner’s shirt is up for sale TONIGHT and can be found by clicking HERE

    A HUGE thank you and congrats goes out to SUGBOOG who was our first winner.

    We look forward to announcing the next two winners tomorrow and Friday night!

  24. Posted on Feb 22, 2011

    Views: 3,459

    24-Hour St. Paddy's Day Shirt-athon! Each Shirt Now $5.99

    What does the color green, a computer, a jar of olives, and your mother have in common? Nothing! But aren’t you excited for St. Patrick’s Day? We sure are!

    To spread a little luck this year we want to offer our Tanganites a chance to grab 5 of our best St. Patties Shirts at a FANTASTIC discount. Just head on over to the Second Chance section of Tanga (or you just click here) and you will find what ye seek.

    Only for the next 24 hours…or until we run out…whichever comes first!

  25. Posted on Feb 22, 2011

    Views: 3,361

    Superbowl Winners - Announced (Finally!!)

    Well we heard back from our winners and we wanted to announce them!

    Even though they are all Packer’s Fans (or just knew that the Packers would do so well) – we have issued them the $50 in TC that was promised! You can click HERE to check out the original contest post.

    The Winners:

    Brian K. from Erie, PA

    Jennifer I. from Collegeville, PA

    Ron G. from Rochester, NY

    Tammy B. from Nekoosa, WI

    Thanks everyone for playing along! We had a LOT of people vote and that helps us know that you guys love our contests as much as you love our great deals.


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