1. Posted on Sep 27, 2008

    Views: 1,956

    Baby Teething Remedies

    I’ve got a six month old kid who’s teething. Right now, we’re giving him infant Tylenol whenever he starts getting extra squeaky.

    Anything else I should try?

  2. Posted on Sep 24, 2008

    Views: 1,041

    Forex Trading and MonkeyPoo

    TangaMonkey has been papertrading some Forex EA (Expert Advisors) and has been creating his own robots. It’s been a lot of fun to learn more about currencies and how to trade them. Anyone here a currency trader?

  3. Posted on Sep 24, 2008

    Views: 1,259

    Good Bye, Summer

    Well, summer. It was good knowing you.

    In Seattle, we see the sun for maybe two months a year. I try to take advantage of it as much as possible during the months of July and August, to the detriment of my beloved Tanga.com.

    Unfortunately, Seattle won’t see sun for another 10 months, so I can get to work again! I’m actually looking forward to it. Gotta get that awful sandal tan line off my feet.

  4. Posted on Sep 16, 2008

    Views: 1,003

    We're Retiring the 4am & 10pm Unfeatured Puzzles

    When the Mods started in June we had 22 pages of puzzles in our queue, each page having 51 puzzles on it.

    We’re down to 2 pages.

    I can’t tell you how proud I am of the Mods and the work they’re doing. Yeah, they’re not perfect, but Tanga is definitely better off with them around. And if not Tanga, then at least me – I’m absolutely better off with the Mods on the job :)

    So, with the queue down to a reasonable size, we’re gonna do away with the 4am and the 10pm Unfeatured puzzles. Starting WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, the new TPS (Tanga Puzzle Schedule) looks like this:

    (all times Pacific)
    7pm – Featured puzzles
    Everyone go to bed!

    Note to puzzlemakers: What this also means is that Aaron and I will most likely NOT be Unfeaturing puzzles anymore, as those two times were essentially for us. We will still be making the judgment calls, but if we feel a Nominated puzzle should be Unfeatured, it will be kicked back to the Mods now and they will Unfeature it. But just FYI, if your puzzle was Nominated, one of us has definitely looked at it.

  5. Posted on Sep 11, 2008

    Views: 737

    New Look on Tanga!

    Give a big round of applause to TangaJordan for getting our new look finished up!

  6. Posted on Sep 9, 2008

    Views: 932

    Half a million puzzles solved so far in 2008

    According to my handy dandy statistics page, we have solved 512,625 puzzles so far in 2008.

    Let’s go for a clean million by the end of the year!

    For comparison, in all of 2007, we had 355,340 solves.

  7. Posted on Aug 18, 2008

    Views: 1,067

    Check this out!

    As if we don’t have enough to worry about with trying to get orders out quickly. Now we have to be constantly on the look out for these guys

    This one was found under my desk! And look at him – he is fightin’ mad!

  8. Posted on Aug 14, 2008

    Views: 814

    Other Deals Link

    This evening, we launched a new feature on Tanga that will help you find the best prices on products on the Internet. You can find the link Other Deals below the SAVE heading on each page of Tanga. When you go to shop on the Internet or to find the best prices on any product, please visit here first to start your search!

  9. Posted on Jul 13, 2008

    Views: 876

    How was your weekend? + comments

    Mine was pretty good.

    Small update: I’ve removed the “flag comment” functionality for the time being, I heard reports that it was being abused. Moderators can still remove stupid comments though.

    We’ll address the issue of people solving 100,000 puzzles in an hour with a internet cheat guide soon.

  10. Posted on Jul 10, 2008

    Views: 732

    Comics Buyers Guide Now Has a Coupon!

    Sorry Tanganites – the coupon is now added…

  11. Posted on Jul 4, 2008

    Views: 874

    New Hypercross Schedule: MON/WED/FRI... Sorta

    Hey, Gang, we’ve gotten some great response/submissions in re: Hypercrosses, so we’re upping the Schedule to Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

    Except for this week :)

    We have another theme set of puzzles specifically for Tuesday, so we’re gonna go SUN, TUES, THURS, SAT this week, and then fall back into MON, WED, FRI.

    Thanks, again, to some nice work from you puzzlemakers out there, as well as to TangaJoe for fixing it so the Mods can edit Hypers now.

  12. Posted on Jul 4, 2008

    Views: 669

    Tanga Magazines RSS Feeds On Your Soul

    You can see the current magazine for sale at Tanga at http://tanga.com/feeds/magazine.xml

  13. Posted on Jun 28, 2008

    Views: 1,040

    Magazine Coupons!

    Did you know that Tanga is offering our Tanganites Coupon Codes for our magazine deals? Just click on the featured magazine for sale, look for the coupon code and type it in on the order page to see what type of discount you qualify for! It’s that easy and you will receive amazing deals every day on all sorts of magazine offers.

  14. Posted on Jun 25, 2008

    Views: 931

    New Feature - Magazine Subscription Deals

    Tonight we are releasing something new and we will try it out for a while to see how it works for all of us! Please consider this part of the web site as being in “beta” mode and let us know if you experience any bugs or problems in using the site or placing orders.

    Every night at 7:00 p.m. PST we will release a new magazine that will be offered for sale for 24 hours. Because there are no limits to the amount of subscriptions that we can sell, each deal will be available for the full 24 hours!

    Also, make sure to look for the coupon code to get even greater savings…

    Have fun playing and saving on Tanga!

  15. Posted on Jun 24, 2008

    Views: 595

    Hypercrosses on MONDAYS and THURSDAYS

    Okay, Gang,

    We’re going with two days a week for now. And as previously mentioned, each Featured Hyper will stay at 20 Tanga Points for its three or four day run.

  16. Posted on Jun 23, 2008

    Views: 573

    Featured Hypercrosses to stay at 20 Tanga Points

    Until we settle on a new Hypercross schedule, any Hypercrosses that we Feature will stay worth 20 TP for as long as they’re “up.”

  17. Posted on Jun 16, 2008

    Views: 725

    Shipping a Bit Behind...

    TangaJen’s grandmother died unexpectedly last week and she had to leave out of town. She is back now and things will get caught up over the next couple of days. Thanks for your understanding…

  18. Posted on Jun 16, 2008

    Views: 1,711

    My Grandma


    To you Grams – I love you and will miss you terribly.

  19. Posted on Jun 13, 2008

    Views: 758

    Hypercrosslessness ahead

    We’re going to suffer (or enjoy if they drive you mad) a period with no hypercrosses. We’re having trouble finding good ones among the submissions lately and we’re going to hold off until we get a few awesome ones.


    If you want to be a hero to our legions of hypercross connoisseurs, belly up tp the laptop and hyper get to work!

    Couple of thoughts

    Remember to use only jpeg images.

    Pick a fun theme that everyone knows about.

    Find nice looking, clear images

    Try to make solvers think a little, not research a lot.

    If you have a great idea for a theme or a mechanism for a hypercross but you don’t have the time/skills to make it, share it below in a comment and it might inspire someone to make it.

    I’ll do the first comment.

  20. Posted on Jun 11, 2008

    Views: 636

    Tanga Moving Homes

    Tanga’s gonna be switching homes (hosting providers) later this evening.

    Meaning you’ll see some downtime for a little bit.

    The picathon will be disabled for a small time after the move.

    Post in this thread if you see any weirdness. I’ll post right before and right after the move.

  21. Posted on May 31, 2008

    Views: 758

    Welcome New Puzzle Moderators!


    And thanks again to EVERYONE who tossed their hat into the ring. It was quite encouraging to see so many of you willing to help out.

  22. Posted on May 29, 2008

    Views: 646

    <b>LIST CLOSED</b> - Looking for Puzzle Moderators!

    Okay, Gang,

    We’re ready to open the doors.

    Wanna approve/nominate/reject puzzles? Actually proofread them a little better? (yes, or “at all,” I hear some of you say) Do you think you have what it takes to handle that awesome responsibility?

    Then step right up and let us know.

    We’re gonna choose a handful of people, and we’re basically looking for Tangans who have a decent track record as puzzlemakers, or have participated in puzzle design discussion.

    There’s probably gonna be more qualified moderators than we’re looking for, so if you’re not picked this time around, please be assured that the process that denied you this lofty status was absolutely unscientific.

    Moderators will still be able to solve puzzles and get Tanga Points for solving them.

    However, for puzzles that they “moderate,” they are removing themselves from being able to participate in getting Bonus Points, as well as Top 20 and Top 100 solves.

    Still interested? If so, please post to this thread with the word INTERESTED.

    EDIT: Wow, 30 responses. Very cool.

    We’re gonna pick 5, and should have our choices posted here by the end of the weekend (if not sooner).

    Big THANKS to all for volunteering.

  23. Posted on May 24, 2008

    Views: 732

    Tuesday, May 27 - Murdoctor Day

    All Murdoctor puzzles, all day.

    The hard part was finding puzzles to Unfeature. I’m sure there will be some disagreements :)

  24. Posted on May 23, 2008

    Views: 592

    Shipping prices beyond our control...

    As I’m sure all of your have experienced the cost of buying gas has increased by almost 2 times since we started Tanga. We’ve tried hard to keep our shipping costs low, even though we’ve been losing money on every shipment that goes out. Now, trying to maintain our shipping prices has become impossible as some shipments we are losing 2, 3, 4 or more dollars depending on the weight of the item and where it’s being shipped.

    We are going to have to raise our shipping prices by $1 to try to recoup some of that cost as in a lot of cases, we are making no money when you consider the margin we have in the product and the amount of money we are losing in shipping and packaging costs.

    When things start to normalize with oil prices, we will be able to return shipping prices back to normal. And in some cases, we will be able to to keep shipping prices at the same $5.99 level depending on the product and the deal.

    Everyone at Tanga appreciates your support!

  25. Posted on May 16, 2008

    Views: 1,617

    Dogs are Fun

    Now that the weather is finally shaping up in Seattle, I have been taking my new friend to the dog park and having fun in the sun. My dog is a 5 month old blue dapple Dachshund named Lily. Anybody else have a dog? Post pics!

    Also, let me know if you have any training suggestions! This is my first dog (didn’t have one growing up) and I have been learning along the way.

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