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  1. Posted on Dec 4, 2007

    Views: 833

    Tangathon/Product Bug

    We are having a weird bug happen where products don’t stay up for sale like we are setting them to and then it grabs random products and places them for sale! Joe is hoping to have this buy fixed by tomorrow so we can start having a normal product schedule.

    We also hope to have a bug fixed very shortly with the random questions. It is supposed to allow 100 people to answer but it is changing questions much more quickly.

    Thanks for your patience – we’re almost there to a pretty stable system!

  2. Posted on Dec 4, 2007

    Views: 764

    New Hypercross Layout Up!

    We have put a new layout for the Hypercross puzzles to make it easier to play and solve. We hope you like it!

  3. Posted on Dec 3, 2007

    Views: 810

    November Point Leaders Before Launch!

    We just gave Tanga Cash rewards to our Top 20 Point Leaders for November before we launched Tanga 2.0. Congrats to the top 20 users!

    Bigrob | 5610 FooDawg | 1916 wploco | 1631 patrel | 1606 ChrisHandy | 1440 flabber23 | 1381 Carmen | 1291 gameczar | 1138 quantumorder | 1116 Hrothgar | 1090 mregamr | 1080 greenie | 1061 dsmeyer | 1035 Wrayman | 995 mayhew96 | 946 must67 | 863 hgramsdell | 841 DNewfield | 833 Jefff | 810 zestyonion | 801

  4. Posted on Dec 3, 2007

    Views: 687

    Random Question Update

    You can now see the username of the person who contributed the Random Question! Soon, we will add an archive so that you can go back and view the results of any of the questions.

  5. Posted on Nov 30, 2007

    Views: 748

    Puzzlethon Winner Announced

    The winner – drawn randomly from all the people who solved 23 or 24 puzzles is -


    Arnott! Congrats to being chosen the winner… Your Wii will be on its way very soon!

  6. Posted on Nov 28, 2007

    Views: 754


    nobody has solved the loom puzzle.

    solving the loom puzzle is officially not required to be eligible to win the wii.

    if someone manages to solve it they get glory but no greater chance at the prize.

    hope this is fair


  7. Posted on Nov 27, 2007

    Views: 733

    old puzzle screw up

    the system is giving too many points for solving old puzzles. all old puzzles will be worth 1 point if you haven’t viewed the solution.

    if you’ve been plundering the archives for mucho points, sorry, but we’ll be taking them back! all but one point per puzzle

    wouldn’t be fair to users who have slaved for months at a rate of one point or two points per solve.

  8. Posted on Nov 27, 2007

    Views: 833

    Bottom Feeder Contest Tonight!

    This evening at 7:00 p.m. PST, we will launch our first Bottom Feeder Contest. The prize for tonight is a Nintendo Wii. Everyone can participate! All you need to do is login and pick 3 numbers. After 24 hours, if you happenned to pick the lowest unique number, you win the prize for free! The bottom feeder contest will happen every evening with a fun, new prize to win every day.

  9. Posted on Nov 27, 2007

    Views: 832

    Tanga 2.0 is Launched!

    Last night, TangaJoe and TangaJordan worked hard to get our long awaited 2.0 version of our web site launched. Despite all the beta testing we’ve done, there are bound to be bugs that we will work hard on fixing as they come up. If you find something, please send us a Tangagram so we can put it in our system to be fixed. We will work as hard as we can to fix little issues (like the puzzle points from last night, for example) as fast as possible so please be patient with us!

    For a list of things that have changed, look here

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  10. Posted on Nov 27, 2007

    Views: 660

    Aaron's comments daily fun 2.0

    ok everyone all kinds of stuff is new and changing so bear with us!

    (sorry bout no caps. bad back and typing with one hand and supporting back with other)

    starting at 7 pst tonight we’re publishing a puzzle every hour for 24 hours. we’ll draw a winner from among the people who solve all 24. this winner will get a nintendo wii.

    new points system.
    points are now only available through doing daily fun stuff. you used to get lots of points for buying stuff, which made the meaning of the leader board a bit fuzzy. everyone gets to keep all their points. From now on puzzle solving will be worth more points. regular puzzle solvers will overtake regular buyers pretty quickly and the idea is that your total number of points will reflect your daily fun accomplishment.

    We have a new system to reward quick solves. For every puzzle you get a bonus if you’re one of the top 100 solvers. this bonus is 101 minus n where n is your solve rank. first to solve gets 100 bonus etc.

    having your puzzle featured is worth 150 per puzzle and 300 per hypercross.

    we should probably make the puzzle authors ineligible for this bonus but i don’t think we have yet. so authors please don’t answer your own puzzles for a while.

    i hope this will make the leader board a bit more meaningful after a while.

    we know the new hypercross interface is bad. having to scroll down to see the images is awful. we’ll get that fixed.

    probably forgetting a bunch of stuff but ok for now. gotta go choose 24 puzzles.

    if you have some great unpublished ones email me at including your tanga name and puzzle description.

  11. Posted on Nov 26, 2007

    Views: 928

    Tanga 2.0 Upgrade Coming Tonight!

    This evening, sometime after 10:00 p.m. PST, TangaJoe and TangaJordan will be taking down this web site to do a long awaited, and awesome new upgrade which we’ve dubbed Tanga 2.0! In it, you will find even more puzzles to solve, ways to connect and play with your friends, daily contests for awesome free product and much, much more.

    We would like to thank all of our Super Tanga Users (STUs) in helping us beta test the new site – we couldn’t have done it without you!

    If all goes well, tomorrow morning you will see a brand new Tanga with lots of changes – we hope you like it! Then check back at 7:00 p.m. for a 24-hour Puzzlethon and our first Bottom Feeder contest. Nintendo Wiis will be given out to the winners…

    Until then…

  12. Posted on Nov 21, 2007

    Views: 619

    Thanksgiving Holiday Hours at Tanga

    Tanga will be closed from November 22nd until November 26th when we all return to work after getting fat eating lots of turkey and potatoes. No shipping will take place during this time so we’ll have a busy Monday and Tuesday. We will be checking Tangagrams and Email however!

    There will always be product for sale 24/7 so this is just shipping and being here at the office. We need to give TangaJen and TangaJoe a break!

  13. Posted on Nov 19, 2007

    Views: 831

    Pillars of the Earth - what are you reading right now?

    So my curiosity was piqued and I started to read The Pillars of the Earth after reading all the glowing reviews on Amazon. I have to say that it is probably one of the most fascinating books I have ever read and I can’t wait to finish it and start reading the sequel that just came out last week!

    What are you reading right now and what do you recommend?

  14. Posted on Nov 19, 2007

    Views: 652

    Tanga 2.0 Coming Soon to a Small Screen Near You...


  15. Posted on Nov 2, 2007

    Views: 773

    Tanga Times - November 2, 2007 by Verve640

    Salutations, loyal Tanganites. How about another Metacross? This weeks puzzle is actually an unedited submission to me from fellow Tanganite thedude. There are a few variant spellings and a few places where Wikipedia will be your friend, but overall it’s a solid puzzle. If this is your first trip to my Tanga Times, click here for previous issues. In order to obtain your Tanga Points, verify your solution, or both, send an E-mail to This week the prizes are as follows:

    1st – 10 TP
    2nd – 6 TP
    3rd – 4 TP

    Please hold, I-L connect you…


    1. Breakout maker
    6. Explode
    11. Mil. rank sporting two chevrons
    14. Hunting player
    15. Railroad horn blower of song
    16. They sometimes give you gas (abbr.)
    17. “I’m not being serious.”
    19. Wrestling medium
    20. Mourn
    21. River in Congo
    22. You can count on them
    26. Just above middle C
    27. Controversial 90’s sitcom
    28. Olympic symbol composition
    31. “That smarts!”
    32. Heihachi Mishima’s grandson
    36. Trinity’s prodigal charge
    37. Some geeks run this to get them dates
    38. Chin attachment?
    39. Something to sit on
    41. Nets’ star who went to UC Berkeley
    44. Fireman’s tool
    45. Trick alternative
    46. Lasting condom brand
    47. Unit of flights
    50. Malcolm Reynolds’ ship
    53. There’s 760 of these in an atmosphere
    54. Frequent Japanese alternative to spaghetti sauce
    56. Palindromic dam
    57. Their code begins with, “There is no emotion; there is peace.”
    62. Article for Adolf
    63. A friend in France
    64. He played Batman’s butler
    65. Child advocacy org.
    66. “I apologize, Daniel-san.”
    67. Reznor of NIN fame


    1. Descriptive wd.
    2. It represented 300 in Sparta
    3. Morning hrs.
    4. Hogwash
    5. Part of a print head
    6. Comedian Izzard
    7. Piggybacks
    8. Pres. Clinton briefly studied politics here
    9. Glass sheet
    10. Anabolic steroid banned in 2003 (abbr.)
    11. Cigarette brand with an eponymous mascot
    12. Hot newscaster Zahn
    13. “____ swinge”: 1985 hit song by Norwegian duo Bobbysocks
    18. April event org.
    21. FDNY union
    22. Dystopian sci-fi cartoon character once played by Charlize
    23. Avian-sounding name of an interactive Java development environment
    24. Foil maker
    25. Helpful hacker profession (abbr.)
    26. Bull end?
    29. Signed off on
    30. Type of insurance from which soc. sec. originates
    32. Plain ____
    33. Frequent Gilbert & Sullivan actress, ____ Palmay
    34. New Zealand is called Aotearoa in this language
    35. Plus
    37. Letters in the mail (abbr.)
    40. 2000 gangster movie, “____ Beast”
    42. Swizzle
    43. “The baby’s coming!”
    44. Attila was one
    46. Represent by drawing
    47. Like the Grand Canyon
    48. Namely
    49. Center of certain football games
    51. Philadelphia sports radio personality, dubbed “The King of Bling”, Howard
    52. Start of DMC
    54. Vegas game with a lot of balls
    55. Round, red-wax-covered cheese
    57. Large climbing hold
    58. Long-nosed fish
    59. You may do this if you have to go really badly?
    60. Erstwhile country music chann. that is now SpikeTV
    61. Egyptian god with aardvark/jackal head

  16. Posted on Oct 29, 2007

    Views: 695

    Mother the Board Game R.I.P.

    You will be happy to know that we do not have any more Mother the Board Game in stock!

  17. Posted on Oct 28, 2007

    Views: 1,199

    Super Tanga Users (STU) - Tell Us What You Want!

    Hey STUs – Can you let us know what you would like to see for STU only deals in the future? What types of products would you like to see or what type of specific deals would you like to see? We will try our best to accomodate you!

  18. Posted on Oct 26, 2007

    Views: 732

    Changes to Tanga - Wahoo!

    Hello all of our loyal, lovable and squishy Tanganites!

    TangaJoe and the rest of the Tanga Elves are very busy trying to get ready for our launch of Tanga 2.0. It’s coming very soon and we are super excited about all the neat and fun changes we are making to the site. I think you will all be pleased…

    One of the changes we are making, we wanted to do immediately. And that is that we are going to be offering our Tangathon model of selling all the time. No more one deal every 24 hours! We wanted to do this for a variety of reasons:

    1) We really enjoy taking more of your money, more often
    2) It will allow us to offer you a wider variety of products
    3) It gives you more buying options when shopping at Tanga
    4) We think it’s a heckuva lot more fun!

    So starting today, we are going to be running the Tangathon into eternity and beyond. We may stop it at some point in the future to mix things up a bit with different ways of purchasing so stay glued to your computer monitor with one hand on the mouse and another hand on your wallet!

    Now, because of this, we may leave some products up longer than others depending on availability, quantity, if we are snug in our beds, etc.

    Let us know what you think!

  19. Posted on Oct 23, 2007

    Views: 691

    Tanga Times - October 23, 2007 by Robrizob

    Good evening, folks. I regret to inform you all that this will be my last Tanga Times for a while. I hope to make this a temporary retirement because I’ve still got a few ideas for my little patch of Tanga, but as it stands now the people around me have grown tired of my incessant puns and my coworkers are sick of trying to decipher my rebus emails. I think I need a break.

    Speaking of rebuses, let’s have another contest for old times’ sake. I’m a week early, but I thought we’d have a Halloween themed contest. Submit your best rebuses for monsters, horror movie villains, and other creepy creatures. Obligatory example (stretching required!):

    In case you need inspiration, here is a list of monsters.

    You can check out last week’s winner here and the two runners up here and here. Please use the answer to your rebus as your image’s file name. Prizes are the same as always: 10 points to the winner and two 5 point runners up. Submit as many entries as you like, but you can only win one prize. To submit an image, first make a post. An “upload image” link will then appear on your post. The deadline for submissions is 24 hours from now. Have fun!


    TangaMonkey’s Note: Thanks to Robrizob for entertaining us the past couple of months! Pretty soon, we will have on our web site, a new category of puzzles for you Rebus makers. We will be announcing it soon, so get all of your great Rebus puzzles ready to go and also, you are more than welcome to post the ones you have already made! Thanks for all of your continuing support!

  20. Posted on Oct 21, 2007

    Views: 745

    Tanga Times - October 21, 2007 by Apparatus

    Following in Robrizob’s footsteps, lets have a rebus contest – but with a twist. Create a rebus for a fellow Tanganite.

    For an example, check out Spamwise’s profile:


    As usual, make sure the filename is the answer/user to the rebus. 10 Tanga Points to the best rebus, 7 Tanga Points to second best, 3 Tanga Points to the third best. Judging will take place in 24 hours.

    - Apparatus

    PS. This is just silly… but fun: Kenya

  21. Posted on Oct 20, 2007

    Views: 807

    Tanga Times - October 20, 2007 by Verve640

    Salutations, loyal Tanganites. I’m taking a small break from Metacrosses this week to visit a puzzle format that should be familiar to everyone. If this is your first trip to my Tanga Times, click here for previous issues. In order to obtain your Tanga Points, verify your solution, or both, send an E-mail to This week the prizes are as follows:

    1st – 10 TP
    2nd – 6 TP
    3rd – 4 TP

    Obligatory warm-up video:
    No one’s looking, don’t hold back…

  22. Posted on Oct 16, 2007

    Views: 994

    Tanga Times - October 16, 2007

    Dear Tanganites!

    44 used to be the record for rebus contest entries, but we broke that last week with a whopping 52 entries! You can see threehojos winning entry here and the two runner-up entries from Apparatus and Murdoctor. What say we try to break sixty this week? It’ll be tough, since the highly productive Apparatus is guest judge this week. Maybe an especially fruitful subject, one fraught with rivalry and emotion, will help us in our quest: How about sports teams? Any team from any sport is fair game, and you can include the city name if you prefer. Obligatory example:

    Please use the answer to your rebus as your image’s file name. Prizes are the same as always: 10 points to the winner and two 5 point runners up. Submit as many entries as you like, but you can only win one prize. To submit an image, first make a post. An “upload image” link will then appear on your post. The deadline for submissions is 24 hours from now. Have fun!

    Thanks to Philana for suggesting this week and last week’s theme! Oh, and will someone please get me the world’s greatest puzzle for Christmas?

  23. Posted on Oct 14, 2007

    Views: 1,134

    Tanga Times - October 14, 2007 by Apparatus

    I love searching for odd and/or interesting things on the internet. In fact, it was how I found Tanga puzzles! A great website for finding odd or interesting things on the internet is

    This week’s Tanga Points go a poet. Post a link to something odd and/or interesting you have found on the internet and then write a haiku about it. This week’s guest judge is Robrizob. The author of the winning Haiku will receive 10 points with two 5 point runnerups. You may post as many haiku/links that you desire. Judging will take place in 24 hours.

    Odd sites I may find
    Beyond Google I look to
    Stumble upon It

    - Apparatus

  24. Posted on Oct 13, 2007

    Views: 766

    Tanga Times - October 13, 2007 by Verve640

    Salutations, loyal Tanganites. Let’s hope that everyone has bought some Listerine since last week and is salivating for another ‘Metacross’ (it appears that this word already exists, but I think I’m the first to apply this definition to it). You might even get a chuckle out of this one, we’ll see… If this is your first trip to my Tanga Times, click here for previous issues. In order to obtain your Tanga Points, verify your solution, or both, send an E-mail to This week the prizes are as follows:

    1st – 10 TP
    2nd – 6 TP
    3rd – 4 TP

    Here’s an intro song for everyone:
    This one Styx with you…


    1. Univ. recruiter
    5. Thunderous noise
    9. Oklahoma city
    14. It can be major or minor
    15. Cranial ring
    16. Singer Hayes
    17. Terror
    18. Knowing, as a secret
    19. Premiere
    20. By a bit of serendipity
    23. Lennon’s lady
    24. Morales of NYPD Blue
    25. Surpassed
    27. Ransack
    30. Capricorn or Cancer
    32. G8 member
    33. Indian leaders
    36. Grease
    39. Miseries
    41. Inheritor
    42. Mideast title
    43. Hatchery?
    44. Strict herbivores
    46. Fund-raising grp.
    47. Strangely
    49. Get-go
    51. It often precedes quo
    53. Eatery
    55. Rolodex no.
    56. Hidden entity in each of 11-Down, 20-Across, and 29-Down
    62. October stones
    64. Scourge
    65. Cowboy Aikman
    66. Lofty home
    67. Hindu princess
    68. Tatting
    69. Incite evil
    70. Receives a bill
    71. Wapitis

    1. Comic bark
    2. Dessert sandwich
    3. Winter Palace ruler
    4. OPEC, for one
    5. High-quality porcelain
    6. Hawaii’s ‘Pineapple Island’
    7. “Thanks ___!”
    8. Corn cake
    9. Neaten
    10. Operate
    11. Shelters for families like the Joads
    12. It’ll make you sweat
    13. Follow, as a tip
    21. Tech support caller
    22. Begin to untie
    26. A blank one can be wild
    27. Total
    28. Oceanic volcano creation
    29. Groundless warning
    30. Zesty
    31. Mother of Zeus
    34. Recommend
    35. Director Schumacher
    37. Religious ceremony
    38. “Doggone it!”
    40. Leave in
    45. Settee
    48. Reddish brown
    50. Chafe
    51. Brown ermine
    52. Home of skins
    53. Hag
    54. Shield of Zeus
    57. Retro do
    58. Talon
    59. River to the Caspian
    60. Mineral aggregate
    61. Potato buds
    63. Edge

  25. Posted on Oct 11, 2007

    Views: 853

    Tanga Times - October 11, 2007 by Murdoctor

    Hello, everyone! This is my first Tanga Times!

    Before getting into the “audience participation” part of the show, we have some obligatory time-wasters:

    Online version of Infocom’s ’Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ game

    Build your own South Park character

    The Visual Thesaurus

    Ok, today’s theme is “The Story of the Moral”. Think of a famous moral, proverb, or saying… and then write a (very) short story about it, posting it here in a comment with the “moral of the story”. Here are a few examples:

    Mick Jagger joined my fantasy football league, but he refused to draft Randy Moss or Santana Moss. The moral of the story? A Rolling Stone gathers no Moss.

    My buddy was thirsty, so I gave him a Mountain Dew; hopefully, he’ll return the favor someday. The moral of the story? Dew unto others, as you would have them Dew unto you.

    As a sports agent, I’d heard about these two tribesmen from the African wilderness with amazing jumping and throwing skills, but it would have cost me too much to go recruit them, and I’d have had to give up my contract with Larry Bird to do so. The moral of the story? A Bird in the hands is worth two in the Bush.

    I will be the judge, granting 10TP for the best/funniest/cleverest story, and 5TP apiece for 2 runners-up.


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