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What is Tanga?

Tanga is THE marketplace for deal-seekers.

Put your catalog of products in front of our audience of highly active shoppers. Tanga customers love the thrill of discovery that brings them to our site each day looking for something new. We put our industry-leading customer service to work and deliver fantastic deals on brands and products they care about every day.

Fast Growing

Tanga has been named to Inc 5000’s list of fastest-growing companies in the U.S. multiple times. Tanga is a full-fledged marketplace, allowing you to partner with us to showcase and sell your products on Tanga.com in the same way as Tanga’s own goods.

Experienced E-Commerce Experts

Since 2006, Tanga has served millions of deal-seekers saving our customers hundreds of millions of dollars. After a decade of experience with both warehoused and drop-shipped goods, we know what it’s like to be in the shoes of our merchants.

We handle customer service, credit card processing, fraud prevention and returns. We’re happy to share our operational efficiencies, bringing you lower fulfillment rates. And with our personalization efforts, we work hard to match your products to the right Tanga customers to keep them coming back again and again.

Two Types of Product Sales on Tanga

There are two types of products that Tanga sells on its marketplace:

  • Featured Deals – These are the “highlighted” deals on Tanga. You’ll find these on the front page and in email and other promotions. Tanga works hard to get Featured deals in front of customers.

    Tanga evaluates and negotiates each Feature Deal with a great deal of care. We’re always on the lookout for the best price for our customers, and a Featured Deal should reflect a strong bargain.

    The majority of Tanga’s sales come from Featured Deals.

    Featured Deals are not confined to a set selling fee. Tanga will work with you to get the lowest price for our customers and strongest deal for both you and Tanga.

  • Marketplace Deals- To round out Tanga’s deep product offering, we allow you to upload your products to our Marketplace. If approved, those products are sold on our site in our category pages.

    Marketplace deals are ideal for Tanga customers that browse the site in search of a good deal that appeals to them as an impulse purchase.

Submitting Products

Tanga is flexible in accommodating however you choose to run your business. You can sell your products on the Tanga network of sites based on a cost model or price model.

  • Cost Model – Vendors submit all products with a product cost and/or shipping cost only (no retail price is submitted). Tanga then utilizes a proprietary method to mark up the product based on category to determine the optimal price to sell to the customer. This method guarantees that you will be paid the cost of each unit sold.

  • Price Model – Vendors submit all products with a retail price and/or shipping price only (no product or shipping costs). After a product has sold, Tanga then withholds a “seller fee” from each transaction and remits the remainder of the customer’s purchase to the vendor.

When and how do I get paid?

Tanga provides an automated invoicing system that allows vendors to spend more time on submitting great deals and less time on creating invoices.

Every day at midnight (Pacific), Tanga’s system checks to see the sales generated for the vendor from the previous day.

Tanga will automatically generate an invoice for those sales.

Each week, Tanga will make ACH payments on Monday and Thursday for invoices coming due. Tanga will pay anything due before the next payment date, meaning the Vendor will be paid on or before the invoice due date.

Vendor partners must have a US based bank account with the ability to accept payment in US Dollars.

What products are restricted from being sold on Tanga?

Tanga customers trust that they can always buy safely and confidently on the Tanga Network.  As such, we have developed a list of restricted items and categories that are prohibited from being listed and sold on the Tanga Network. These products are defined as products that are illegal, unsafe, offensive, previously worn, modified from original specifications, expired or otherwise restricted by applicable laws and regulations.

Link to Prohibited List : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kpmQBRBwVitY5rdAv5SLSGSv_t_n96BTicEShoeMOhQ/edit?usp=sharing

All vendors and products they are listing must be located within the United States.  Vendors must have a return shipping location within the United States.

Certain categories will go through a review and approval process to be sold on Tanga including product categories such as fragrances, select food categories and over the counter medications.

Am I responsible for collecting sales tax?

No. As the the Merchant of Record, Tanga will be collecting sales tax on all orders. We collect sales tax for Arizona, Nevada, Connecticut, Washington, Florida and New York since we have a physical presence in these states.

How do I list my products?

Each vendor receives access to a Tanga Vendor Portal after joining the Tanga Network.

Using the Vendor Portal, you’ll be able to list your products in several different ways

  • Single Product – upload a single product one at a time. Simple and easy. (Not recommended for dozens of products).
  • Bulk Upload – upload all your products all at once via a single CSV spreadsheet.
  • Service Partner – Tanga partners with ChannelAdvisor and SellerCloud to make synchronizing your inventory and sales efforts across various sales channels easy.
  • Build Your Own Integration – use Tanga’s API.  

What are your shipping expectations?

To ensure we maintain excellence in delivering your goods on-time and in exact quantities to fulfill customer orders, each vendor must ship 100% of the purchased quantities within 2 business days of receiving a purchase order.  

In addition, Tanga requests that you do not commit to volumes where there is any uncertainty around your ability to fulfill them completely and on-time. All product must be fully owned by you, as we don’t allow brokered deals. All product must be shipped from within the United States.

Vendors are responsible for shipping on their own carrier account. Tanga does not provide a carrier account to ship on. Vendors are allowed to select the carrier they wish to use from the approved carrier list, as long as all goods are delivered within 10 business days. Please see approved carrier list below.

Are there any promotional opportunities for Marketplace goods?

Yes. If your items meet our criteria, our merchandising team will reach out with potential opportunities to help vendors drive sales.

What is Tanga’s return / refund policy?

We want our customers to be happy with their order! Tanga strives to take the hassle out of returns for both our vendor partners and customers. We offer our customers a consistent returns policy across all of vendor partners where the Tanga team handles customer interactions and servicing such as returns and refund payments.

Vendor Partners must have a return shipping location within the United States.

What is Tanga’s return policy?

  1. Damaged, Defective or Mis-shipped Product
  1. Customers may return this product within 30 days after receiving it.
  2. Customers must return select electronic product within 15 days after receiving it.  
  1. Customer Remorse
  1. Customers may return this product, in new condition, within 15 days of receiving it.

How does the return process work?

  1. The customer requests a return and refund on Tanga.com.  Tanga’s customer service team will generate a return shipping label or facilitate the return of the product to the vendor’s return facility using a method that provides the ability to track return shipments.  
  2. Vendors will have 5 days after receiving the returned product to inspect the returned product.  
  3. Upon completion of the 5th day after receiving the returned product, Tanga will refund the customer and issue a credit memo to the vendor for the total returned cost including product and return shipping costs.

How do I start selling on Tanga?

Simple. Fill out this step-by-step application form.

Selling Limits for Marketplace Sellers

As a new seller, you have limits placed on your account until you have established a positive selling and delivery history with the Tanga marketplace. These limits help you become a more successful seller and ensure a positive shopping experience for Tanga customers. For additional information, please click here.

Using the “Get Featured” Button

Now, when you upload a product to Tanga using the Vendor Portal, you can submit your best deals to our team by clicking the new Get Featured link.

Looks like this…

What types of deals should be featured?

We only want your hottest deals.

A strong “Featured Deal” will have:

  1. Best-of-web pricing
  2. Incredible images
  3. Informative descriptions

You should submit only your strongest deals for consideration.

How long does it take to hear back?

Our buyers will review your products and get back to you as quickly as possible. Please allow up to 72 business hours for a response.

You will receive an email notification that will include the buyer’s feedback on your deal and steps for moving forward. You can also keep an eye on your deals’ status from your vendor portal.

Looking forward to seeing your very best deals!

— The Tanga Team

PS – Watch this video for a quick overview.

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