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  1. Posted on Jul 13, 2010

    Views: 4,901

    Give Us Your Feedback!

    Hi Tanganites, we want to get to know you a little bit better. Please tell us how long you’ve been a member on Tanga and what types of products you’d like to see more of on our site. You can be as specific as you want to be.

    Don’t be shy!

  2. Posted on Jul 1, 2010

    Views: 4,302

    Credit card processing is now working correctly! Order away!

    Thank you for your patience. The issue has now been resolved and you can order with a credit card now.

  3. Posted on Jul 1, 2010

    Views: 4,327

    [Updated: Fixed!] Problems Placing Orders with a Credit Card Today!

    Update: Problems resolved! Order away!

    Hey Tanganites!

    For those of you that want to take advantage of our awesome deals today, you will be saddened to know that, whom we process credit card transactions through, is having issues today.

    If you would like to purchase one of our deals we encourage you to use Paypal as this will get you your deal without any problems!! – We will keep you informed!

    We are sorry for the inconvenience and we anxiously await till the problem is resolved! Until then.. Happy Paypal buying!!

    Tanga Staff

  4. Posted on Jun 28, 2010

    Views: 4,315

    Welcome New Puzzle Moderator: jebediehard

    I can’t tell you how happy I am that I was able to talk jeb into trying this job out.

  5. Posted on Jun 15, 2010

    Views: 720

    Get new Jamba Juices for $1 on June 16th

    If you love smoothies, this is a deal you should not pass up.

    Click here for more info!

  6. Posted on May 27, 2010

    Views: 4,544

    Fruit 2.1

    Hey, Tanganites,

    From the Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone Department, we’re gonna do a little fruity polish to the new levels and icons and stuff. “Fix” one or two things, add a few more levels (and that would also mean more “fruits,” of course), you know… Fruit 2.1.

    What this COULD mean for a very small number of you is this: your current level might change on you. Especially those of you in the upper levels, where there are wide fruitless gaps.

    Just giving you all the heads up.

    Yours in fruit,

  7. Posted on May 25, 2010

    Views: 4,399

    Pssst! All Mac product Tanga day coming Wednesday night!

    We wanted to give you the heads up that everything we sell and give away on Wed night to Thu night (7:00 p.m. PST to 7:00 p.m. PST) will all be all Macintosh related. We couldn’t figure out a game to sell for Mac day, unless someone has a good idea for us?

    Tell all your Mac fanboys to come and check us out!

  8. Posted on May 17, 2010

    Views: 5,596

    Let's Talk About Fruit



    The fruit is officially on the way.

    I know because I’ve seen it. In fact, I’ve even edited a few of the image files. More than that, Aaron and I did all the work coming up with the new levels and the names for the new levels and which “fruit” goes with what level, and did you notice how I put fruit in quotation marks just then?

    There are only so many fruits. And, just like we did last time here, most of the upper levels are not fruits. In fact, on Old-School Tanga, only the first nine levels were fruits. Well, ten, if you count the Jack-O-Lantern as a pumpkin. But level eleven on up was Rocket, Bell, Trumpet, Key, Castle, Wizard’s Hat, Meeple.

    Nine fruits. Ten on Halloween.

    New Tanga..? FIFTEEN fruits!

    Cool, huh?

    Most of you won’t be getting any of them.

    Because you’ve got to start out as Cherries. That’s a given. And it only makes sense to move from there to Lemon. And then to the next fruit. And then the next. And of course, there’s that excitement as you work your way through the fruit of knowing that someday, eventually, when you’ve finally earned enough Tanga Points, you’ll reach that level where you move beyond the fruit and get your very first different-looking icon – Woo-hoo! I made it! Awesome!

    A lot of you are there already.

    If you’ve recently made a comment here on Tanga which included the all-caps phrase BRING BACK THE FRUIT, you’re likely gonna by-pass most of the fruit. Heck, if you simply remember when we used to have fruit, then you’ve been here long enough to have probably earned enough Tanga Points to by-pass most of the new fruit.

    The bulk of our new fruit is for levels under 10,000 TP. That doesn’t mean we don’t have cool stuff for the levels over 10K. And there might be some fruit still available at those higher levels…

    But I just wanted to prepare you.

  9. Posted on May 14, 2010

    Views: 4,435

    Quick! Tanga Contest on Facebook!!

    Like free money?? Nah, me either.. But for everyone ELSE, get your butts over to our Facebook page so you can make sure and enter our contest to win some cold, hard.. I mean pixelated and hypothetical.. cash!

    Here’s the link to the contest!!!/notes/tanga/tanga-contest-just-write-a-sentence-about-tanga-and-win-some-tanga-cash/387624616698

    Remember to check out our Facebook Fan Page for special offers, contests, and deals! Become a fan!

    >!/pages/Tanga/142009397136?ref=ts <—-

  10. Posted on May 6, 2010

    Views: 4,469

    Free Quiznos Sub!

  11. Posted on May 4, 2010

    Views: 4,336

    Tickets for Movie Premier for Iron Man 2!

    If you live in, on, or around the Southern Utah area, then you have a chance to win 4 movie tickets to Iron Man 2 this Friday!

    Where? -Sunset Stadium 8 in St. George, UT

    Time? -The movie STARTS at 9:15 PM but you will want to be there early to meet the Tanga folks (Tanga Monkey, Tanga Nate, Tanga Becky) AND we are giving away lots of prizes and t-shirts to everyone in line!

    How? -All you have to do is beg! Just reply below letting us know that you “Just can’t live without those movie tickets” and we will select four different people to win sets of 4 tickets.

    So, if you live in St. George or the surrounding area we better hear from you! Las Vegas, Mesquite, Cedar City, even Salt Lake if you are up for a drive!

    Hope to see some of our Tanganites there!

  12. Posted on May 2, 2010

    Views: 4,215

    Any Tanganites out there know how to do a Flash Ad?

    We are looking for a rockin’ flash developer to put together a couple of Flash ads for Tanga. We need someone who can do the animation and put together the ad. If you are also a graphic designer that would be great too but it you are not, we can have the graphics created and then you can put together the frames of animation into the ad.

    Please email me at sales at tanga dot com! I would like to see some other examples of your work so please send me the URLs of where I can check that out.


  13. Posted on Apr 30, 2010

    Views: 4,243

    Public Service Announcement: Dropbox

    Have you guys seen Dropbox yet?

    It’s pretty slick. Lets you effortlessly sync all your documents, pictures, videos, etc between different computers. Also keeps track of previous versions for you.

    I started using it to sync files between my laptop and my desktop machines.

    Plus, free! Click here to check it out.

  14. Posted on Apr 13, 2010

    Views: 720

    Tax Day Can Become Free Coffee Day at Starbucks!

    Starbucks is giving customers around the world a bold incentive to swap the paper cup for a more eco-friendly option. On Thursday, April 15, the company will reward customers who bring a reusable tumbler into participating stores with a complimentary brewed coffee. This effort is just one of the ways Starbucks is collaborating with customers to reduce environmental impacts. The company has offered customers a discount for tumbler use since 1985.

    Click here for more info!

  15. Posted on Apr 13, 2010

    Views: 890

  16. Posted on Apr 1, 2010

    Views: 4,364

    Arnott Gone for Two Weeks-ish

    Just wanted to be around for my April Fools puzzles, and now I’m off to Ohio for vacation.

    Verve will be back to Featuring, and Renfurdson is still around.

    Everyone play nice.

  17. Posted on Mar 30, 2010

    Views: 4,454

    Arnott Prepares Face for Egg

    Well, it’s that time of year again. The time when I get it into my head to come up with something, er… different for our April Fools Day puzzles.

    My success rate for these is about 1 for 3. Which is not bad… if you’re a Major League Baseball player. But as a puzzlemaker, well…

    Regardless, I’ve done it again. And this year, April 1st just happens to fall on a day in which I get all three puzzles. Meaning I can be 1 for 3 again :)

    One of ’em is pretty straightforward, but still, I think, fittingly whimsical.

    One of ‘em has the potential to be very cool. It’s actually an idea I had almost two years ago, but only got around to this year.

    And one of them is definitely gonna piss some of you off. Heh, maybe more than some of you. But it’s another one of those ideas I wanted to try, and hey… it’s April Fools Day. You gotta expect some weirdness, right?

    So… all of you grumblers out there, I’ll see you in a day or so. And don’t worry, I can take it.

  18. Posted on Mar 26, 2010

    Views: 4,496

    Friday Tanga Poem Contest!! (Results posted below!!)

    So you think you can write? Write the best vertical “Tanga Rocks” poem and you will win:

    $10 in TC (Tangacash guys! Learn the acronyms!!)
    500 TP (those aren’t rolls of TP, these are Tanga Points!)
    and most importantly –
    At least one weeks worth of bragging rights!

    What in this Tanga-World is a vertical poem you are asking? I have kindly constructed my own masterpiece to use as an example:

    **Tanga Rocks Because:

    T hey always have great product
    A nd great customer service, too
    N othing is comparable
    G reat games out the wa-zoo!
    A lthough I spend all my money
    R ocking my Tanga-Tshirts is always fun
    O ver my credit card limit
    C ause I always feel like I won
    K nowing there’s another deal every day
    S leep will not come tonight, I’d say**

    Notice that the first letter of every line spells out “Tanga Rocks”? That is what you are to create.

    Submit your entries below in a comment and we will pick the winner on Monday.

    Good luck!

  19. Posted on Mar 18, 2010

    Views: 4,152

    Arnott Sprung for Spring

    Hey, Gang, I’m out-of-town until Moday… or maybe Tuesday.

    Play nice.

  20. Posted on Mar 12, 2010

    Views: 721

    Play the TangaMonkey NCAA Tournament Challenge and Win!


    Hello Tanganites,

    In a few days, the NCAA will announce the brackets for the 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament. We want to have a little contest to see who can pick the most winners! You may be into sports or you may not, but with the help of Yahoo, picking is the easy part. Just go through and pick your brackets and we will see how everyone does against each other. The winning strategy in my group last year was picking the favorite colors of the team’s uniforms. Very scientific I tell ya!

    First prize: XBox 360 with an NCAA 2010 Basketball game by EA

    Second prize: $50 in Tanga Cash and a NCAA 2010 Basketball game by EA on the console of your choice

    Third prize: a NCAA 2010 Basketball game by EA on the console of your choice

    What do you need to do? Just click on this link and sign up for a Yahoo account. On Sunday afternoon the brackets will be announced and you can start picking your winners. Be sure to have the brackets picked by Tuesday night as the first game is on Wednesday.

    After that, just follow along and we will see who does the best in our Tanga group!

    Game on….

  21. Posted on Mar 10, 2010

    Views: 835

    Tanga Now Accepts American Express!

    We just added this option to our merchant services and now all of your American Express fanatics can buy using your favorite credit card. Our financial loss in credit card fees is your gain in happiness and Amex benefits.

    So start charging away today! We will be adding the logo to our ordering system very shortly.

  22. Posted on Mar 3, 2010

    Views: 1,168

    Tanga T-Shirt Extravaganza Now On! $4.99 Shirts Oh My!

    We are sending out a newsletter to all of our users right now that will have direct links to the T-Shirts that are on sale. Since it may take a while to get the email, I wanted to make sure we post this on the site as well so you can all take advantage of the hot deals. These deals will only last 3-4 days or until we sell out so don’t wait!

    T-Shirt Blowout Extravaganza at Tanga!
    For the next few days, we are going to be offering a bunch of T-Shirts at blowout pricing. Our stupidity of printing too many shirts is now your gain! See below for the links to all the great deals. All of these shirts listed below are priced between $4.99 and $5.99 each!


  23. Posted on Mar 1, 2010

    Views: 2,886

    Have an iPhone? Try Our App!

    For all of you iPhone/Touch users out there, download our Tanga app and use it to check out all of our daily deals and also to solve our Cryptopix daily puzzle.

    You can download it by clicking here!

    This is version 1 of the application and we will be working on it to add features as we have more time.

  24. Posted on Feb 24, 2010

    Views: 863

    72 Hour Tanga-Sentence Contest:

    Wow! We received a lot of great entries! It took a few days but we sorted through them and found our winner!
    The winner is: chocobodancer
    They wrote:

    Tanga’s Amazing, Neoteric Games And
    Remarkably Often Cash Keeping Sales!!!

    Congrats! You win $10 tangacash!

    Please write what you like about tanga in one, 10 words or less sentence.

    1. Sentence can be no longer than 10 words.
    2. Submission must be positive.
    3. Must be submitted before 8 o’clock PM MST Saturday night. (27th)
    4. Must be posted on Facebook, Twitter, or on for everyone to read.
    5. Have fun!

    What do you get if you win, you ask??
    Ten, count ’em! – $10! Tanga smackers to spend freely on

    Ready? GO!

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