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  1. Posted on Jul 28, 2007

    Views: 576

    Tanga Times July 28 2007

    Sorry for things being late/absent tonight. Aaron was temporarily transported to a parallel universe. The parallel universe is named for a cartoon ...

  2. Posted on Jul 26, 2007

    Views: 441

    Tanga Times July 26 2007

    How about some clues for words using the following format: Clue – Word Length – Scrabble Value (tile total) For example Family destinat...

  3. Posted on Jul 26, 2007

    Views: 640

    Speedy Tanga!

    You might’ve noticed the occasional odd glitch today while using Tanga. But, I think I’m done tinkering with the hamsters that type up...

  4. Posted on Jul 25, 2007

    Views: 449

    Tanga Times July 25 2007

    What’s the most interesting word that can be spelled using letters in order in which they appear in the alphabet? Like ACE for example.

  5. Posted on Jul 24, 2007

    Views: 476

    Tanga Times July 24 2007

    Have you ever searched for puzzle on YouTube? this one is more of an actual puzzle. and this is just outrageous

  6. Posted on Jul 23, 2007

    Views: 455

    Tanga Times July 23 2007

    here is a collection of rebuses with charming art. And speaking of art, let’s have an art contest. 40 points to the winner and 20 points to ...

  7. Posted on Jul 20, 2007

    Views: 575

    Tanga Times July 20 2007

    Images can be uploaded to this blog. To upload an image, create and submit a post, then click on the upload link on that post. Let’s play ...

  8. Posted on Jul 19, 2007

    Views: 410

    Tanga Times July 19 2007

    clue: bird home answer: nest notice anything? all three words have the same length. who can think of some? the two word clue needs to be pretty d...

  9. Posted on Jul 18, 2007

    Views: 532

    Tanga Times July 18 2007

    here are clues for things that fit a category. can you figure out the category and create some more? points for the first 3 good ones posted (accor...

  10. Posted on Jul 17, 2007

    Views: 488

    Tanga Times July 17 2007

    OK, why did I have to finish this? Thanks KoolKow Here are some city clues emailed to me rather than posted yesterday. 1. Claus Iron 2. Tooled arou...

  11. Posted on Jul 16, 2007

    Views: 422

    Tanga Times July 16 2007

    How about clues for the names of U.S. cities? For example “Hidden in Hidden Version” ftp15 or “Bo’s not confused” f...

  12. Posted on Jul 13, 2007

    Views: 356

    Tanga Times July 13 2007

    Happy friday the 13th! Doctor Dugan has chosen a winner of yesterday’s coloring contest. And here’s the runner up What beverage is impr...

  13. Posted on Jul 12, 2007

    Views: 382

    Tanga Times July 12 2007

    Here’s yesterday’s winner which is also the basis for our second coloring contest! (It was Kete’s immediate favorite and she didn...

  14. Posted on Jul 11, 2007

    Views: 507

    Tanga Times July 11 2007

    Pre-Second-Coloring-Contest-Contest. Please submit line drawings. Black on white only. Kate will choose her favorite and a runner up. The winner w...

  15. Posted on Jul 10, 2007

    Views: 227

    Tanga Times July 10 2007

    check this out. Not a puzzle but slightly puzzling. who is backwards in red? ftp 15

  16. Posted on Jul 10, 2007

    Views: 288

    Site Redesign

    In preparation for our super secret project, we’re spending some time on redesigning this little website. Here’s your chance to give us...

  17. Posted on Jul 9, 2007

    Views: 343

    Tanga Times July 9 2007

    Thanks for your patience with our recent difficulties. The words FLOW and LOWER can intersect to make the word FLOWER So you could clue the word FL...

  18. Posted on Jul 6, 2007

    Views: 337

    Tanga Times July 6 2007

    Newsflash! The reward for a published puzzle just went up from 20 to 50 points. Coloring contest winners as chosen by Kate: 1st place goes to spamw...

  19. Posted on Jul 6, 2007

    Views: 515

    Tanga Facebook Application Now Online!

    TangaMonkey and Scott Alden are pleased to announce the newest and coolest Facebook application for all of you who love to solve our Daily Fun One ...

  20. Posted on Jul 5, 2007

    Views: 382

    Tanga Times July 5 2007

    This is a coloring contest. The winner will get 40 TP and the runner up will get 20 TP. The first post is by Aaron and it features a track pad ske...

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