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  1. Posted on Jul 4, 2007

    Views: 377

    Tanga Times July 4 2007

    Who can think of common two word expressions where both words start with the same two letters? Like French Fries, for example. I can think of one t...

  2. Posted on Jul 3, 2007

    Views: 324

    Tanga Times July 3 2007

    Gotta use the Times to plug the Tanga Tee Shirt Design Contest Between now and July 14 we hope one of you comes up with something awesome for our f...

  3. Posted on Jul 3, 2007

    Views: 1,300

    Tanga Tee Design Contest!

    SUBMISSION DEADLINE EXTENDED FOR ONE WEEK until July 21! Contract issues with the URSG (you know how those unions are!) ******** Hey, isn’t i...

  4. Posted on Jul 2, 2007

    Views: 421

    Tanga Times July 2 2007

    Let’s play a little game inspired by Montage 1 = A, B, C, D, or E 2 = F, G, H, I or J 3 = K, L, M, N, or O 4 = P, Q, R, S, or T 5 = U, V, W, ...

  5. Posted on Jun 30, 2007

    Views: 867

    New Tanga Point Program

    The Monkeys at Tanga have decided that we need to figure out a way to reward all of our great Tanganites who have been collecting Tanga Points for ...

  6. Posted on Jun 30, 2007

    Views: 369

    Tanga Times June 30, 2007

    You can pet your pet. You can drink your drink. What else? Also, if you get an idea for a puzzle (visually nice) the answer to which is a season...

  7. Posted on Jun 29, 2007

    Views: 360

    Tanga Times June 29, 2007


  8. Posted on Jun 28, 2007

    Views: 402

    Tanga Times June 28, 2007

    A famous actor gives you his autograph. He writes his first initial and his full last name. You read his autograph aloud to him and walk away. Who...

  9. Posted on Jun 27, 2007

    Views: 339

    Tanga Times June 27, 2007

    These get pretty tricky. Do the “mind” ones.

  10. Posted on Jun 26, 2007

    Views: 388

    Tanga Times June 26, 2007

    Try This little bugger red white blue red white blue… Aaron hasn’t solved it yet but he’s fairly dim.

  11. Posted on Jun 25, 2007

    Views: 461

    Tanga Times June 25 2007

    OK, Here’s another website finding challenge but not as ridiculously hard as the last one. Find a website that has one obvious thing on it of...

  12. Posted on Jun 23, 2007

    Views: 417

    Tanga Times June 23 2007

    How about famous people whose last names can be turned into other words by simply removing some letters (not rearranging the remaining letters.)

  13. Posted on Jun 22, 2007

    Views: 397

    Tanga Times June 22 2007

    Ok let’s go one level higher. How about some ideas for Hypercross themes/structures etc. At some point users will be able to submit Hypercros...

  14. Posted on Jun 21, 2007

    Views: 445

    Tanga Times June 21 2007

    how about three words that make one? the three things have to be representable using an image For example CAR PEN TREE

  15. Posted on Jun 21, 2007

    Views: 502

    Tanga on Facebook

    Tanga is now on Facebook! This Facebook stuff is pretty new to me, let me know if you have ideas on how we can do more things like that. Or how we...

  16. Posted on Jun 20, 2007

    Views: 461

    Tanga Times June 20 2007

    These are new and pretty fun. You don’t have to subscribe to try them.

  17. Posted on Jun 20, 2007

    Views: 674

    Nerd Stuff

    You can ignore this if you aren’t a computer nerd. I’ve created a way for external programs/websites to load our puzzles and submit ans...

  18. Posted on Jun 19, 2007

    Views: 404

    Tanga Times June 19 2007

    Great news! Aaron is getting emails again every time a new puzzle is uploaded. Joe is merciful. We had several successful coin stackers yesterday T...

  19. Posted on Jun 18, 2007

    Views: 422

    Tanga Times June 18 2007

    5 points to anyone who sends an email to aaron@tanga.com with a picture attached of an arrangement such as the one in this picture, but situated o...

  20. Posted on Jun 15, 2007

    Views: 435

    Tanga Times June 15 2007

    Ok here’s something to hunt for that might or might not exist. Can you find a web site with the address www.something.com where the “so...

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