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  1. Posted on Jun 14, 2007

    Views: 410

    Tanga Times June 14 2007

    Not sure how to make a puzzle out of this idea but it could be fun to play around with. How about thinking up acronyms for words that define the wo...

  2. Posted on Jun 13, 2007

    Views: 450

    Tanga Times June 13 2007

    A new brainstorm: COFFEE and BLEACHERS (two words that can be clearly represented using pictures) conceal the word FEEBLE between them. Who can thi...

  3. Posted on Jun 12, 2007

    Views: 408

    Tanga Times June 12 2007

    Nice work on the tv show rebus ideas yesterday! There are a few I might need help with… not too late to go back to yesterday’s Tanga T...

  4. Posted on Jun 11, 2007

    Views: 414

    Tanga Times June 11 2007

    Rebus brainstorm! who can think up rebuses for the titles of tv shows? You don’t have to make a graphic file just tell us how to construct th...

  5. Posted on Jun 8, 2007

    Views: 366

    Tanga Times June 8 2007

    If you’ve been thinking about sending in an item for the Jigsaw project, you need to do it soon! We’ll be taking the photograph on Jul...

  6. Posted on Jun 7, 2007

    Views: 376

    Tanga Times June 7 2007

    Doing trivia online is kind of tough since people can just use Google, imdb or whatever. Who can think up some search proof trivia? Here’s a ...

  7. Posted on Jun 6, 2007

    Views: 343

    Tanga Times June 6 2007

    A water heater malfunction prevented our staff from reporting today. Anyone know any Light bulb jokes?

  8. Posted on Jun 6, 2007

    Views: 401

    RSS Feed Question

    Right now, we have two RSS feeds, one for blog/news, and one for products. We don’t have one yet for Daily Fun activities. Would you guys wa...

  9. Posted on Jun 5, 2007

    Views: 388

    Tanga Times June 5 2007

    If you’ve been enjoying the new Hypercross puzzles, get ready to help make them! Soon we’ll be accepting hypercross entry submissions....

  10. Posted on Jun 4, 2007

    Views: 388

    Tanga Times June 4 2007

    Thanks everyone for your patience as we keep monkeying with Tanga. We’re trying to have as much fun as we can here. If you get a Dodge, a Te...

  11. Posted on Jun 4, 2007

    Views: 399

    Wanted: Tanganites with Photoshop Skills!

    Hello everyone, We are looking for Tanga users who have good photoshop skills that can help us with a few little graphics/photo manipulation projec...

  12. Posted on Jun 4, 2007

    Views: 395

    Rewards Program Update

    Tanga rewards now expire in 180 days, up from 60. Got questions about the Tanga Reward program? Post here. We’ll get them answered.

  13. Posted on Jun 1, 2007

    Views: 296

    Tanga Times June 1, 2007

    Here’s something you can only try once. Well, you can try it again but it will be different. If you want to try this, DO NOT SCROLL DOWN VER...

  14. Posted on May 31, 2007

    Views: 512

    Leaderboard! Oh my!

    Hello everyone, Tonight we are announcing our newest way to reward those people who are our most frequent users and purchasers on Tanga. Your fear...

  15. Posted on May 31, 2007

    Views: 364

    Tanga Times May 31 2007

    Yesterday answer: A heliCOPter always has a policeman inside. Today challenge. Join A and B! We haven’t managed yet… Post your solut...

  16. Posted on May 30, 2007

    Views: 471

    Tanga Times May 30 2007

    Honor System Origami Contest!!! Go to Google and search for “origami jumping frog.” You will find a variety of links to different desig...

  17. Posted on May 29, 2007

    Views: 356

    Tanga Times May 29 2007

    Here’s a little picture puzzle. Which of these animals is not at its home? If you figure it out, make a two word post. Word one should be th...

  18. Posted on May 28, 2007

    Views: 403

    Tanga Times May 28 2007

    Here’s a really cool maze puzzle that’s been around for a long time. We played a version of it years ago and still had lots of fun play...

  19. Posted on May 25, 2007

    Views: 421

    Tanga Times May 25 2007

    OK, it’s Friday Night. Help! Aaron is stuck trying to solve a really silly game. Silly Game So far he has managed to get a pet cat that does ...

  20. Posted on May 24, 2007

    Views: 598

    Tanga Times May 24 2007

    Hello Tangans Here’s a question. Has a term emerged to represent a member of the Tanga community? Are we Tangans? Tanganites? Tangaites? I&#...

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