1. Posted on Oct 9, 2006

    Views: 1,484

    Brian Carroll wins big on Sunday the 8th!

    Brian will soon be snuggling with a nice warm copy of Ra by Reiner Knizia and Uberplay. It’s the closest he’ll get to Dr. Knizia himself.

  2. Posted on Oct 9, 2006

    Views: 1,404

    Trey Hedden - the Saturday puzzle winner!

    Hey Trey, Hey Trey, get your groove on! Trey wins a copy of Princes of Florence. This is an oldie but a goodie. Congrats on your win. Only a few more days left!

  3. Posted on Oct 9, 2006

    Views: 1,498

    Prizes for Mon-Wed - announced!

    Here are the list of prizes for the next three days. As you’ve noticed, our front page mentions nothing about what types of prizes we planned to give away during our first 30 days of pre-launch madness. So now, you can win some cool tech!

    Monday – Ipod Nano 2GB Silver
    Tuesday – PS2 Slim (Playstation 2)
    Wednesday – Ipod Shuffle (New redesigned version)

    Good luck and may the force be with you.

    Edit – ok, so we DID mention the board games. When I read it through I didn’t see it on the front page! This was our evil plan all along ;-) And if you win and don’t like the product, sell it on Ebay and buy a game of your choice!

  4. Posted on Oct 7, 2006

    Views: 1,573

    Krista Kilmer is our winner! What prize you may ask?

    She is the winner of Friday’s puzzle (October 6th) and will be receiving one of the best games this year – CAYLUS! Everybody say it with me now – CAYLUS! CAYLUS!

  5. Posted on Oct 6, 2006

    Views: 1,729


    TangaJoe is trapped in a dark hotel room with the other unshowered Tangadenizens slaving away at Tanga.com for three days straight. And we’ve ran out of Diet Coke. UNACCEPTABLE.

    In other news, TangaJoe’s wife is at home alone and has no pizza (left her cell phone at work), water (the house’s water pump broke), dishwasher (clogged), or car (keys lost). As Earl would say, “Do good things and good things will happen. Do bad things and bad things will happen.” I figure that’s what she gets for childishly demanding pizza the other night.

  6. Posted on Oct 6, 2006

    Views: 1,765

    Who's Your Daddy?

    Tanga.com is! Congratulations to Mr. Josh Bluestein and Mr. B. Warren for winning the Wednesday and Thursday puzzle contests. Mr. Bluestein will be receiving a copy of Wildlife from Uberplay and Mr. Warren will be receiving a copy of Blue Moon City by Fantasy Flight.

    Can you believe the launch of Tanga is just a little over a week away? Our team has been busy getting the site ready to launch and the team of The Swan have been helping with a makeover of the site. Today, the front page will be getting a tummy tuck and tomorrow, the FAQ will be receiving a large injection of Botox. Soon there will be a competion to see which page in the site is the hottest and we will award that page with a crown, flowers and a check for $100,000 and the coveted title of “The Swan.” Mark your calendars and be sure to visit at 7:00 p.m. PST sharp on October 15th.

  7. Posted on Oct 4, 2006

    Views: 1,329

    Tuesday, October 3rd winner is?!?!?!

    Mr. Tim Klein! Wahooo for Tim! We are going to send Mr. lucky-pants Klein a nice copy of Ticket to Ride Marklin published by an effervescent French man and his company, Days of Wonder. Congrats to Tim and keep on solving these puzzles! Only a few more puzzles until the launch of Tanga.com.

  8. Posted on Oct 3, 2006

    Views: 1,574

    John Morgan & Lindsey Dubb - Come on Down!

    You are the next contestant on the Tanga is Right! And you have both outbid everyone else for the past two Tanga puzzles and will receive:

    1) John – a copy of Hansa by Uberplay / Sunday the 1st of October puzzle.
    2) Lindsey – a copy of Thurn and Taxis by Rio Grande / Monday the 2nd of October puzzle.

    Congratulations! Good luck to you all…

  9. Posted on Oct 2, 2006

    Views: 1,771

    Saturday, September 30th winner - Erika Osterbur!

    Puzzle #17 winner is Erika Osterbur! She will be sent a copy of Day’s of Wonder’s new game, “Cleopatra and the Society of Architects.”

    Cleopatra was born in 69 BC and was 18 years old when we father died and left his kingdom to her. Did you know that Cleopatra actually spoke 8 languages and was the only one in her family in a long period of time to speak Egyptian? A little known fact about Julius Caeser and Cleopatra’s child is that his name was Ptolemy Caeserion and he was the first human to be born using a Caeserion Section (C-Section.)

  10. Posted on Oct 1, 2006

    Views: 1,593

    Who's the winner of Puzzle #16 - David Pugh!

    Go David! Go David! Go David Pugh. You are the lucky contestant winner of a beautiful copy of China by Mr. Michael Schacht and published by Uberplay. Congrats on being picked and good luck with the future puzzles!

  11. Posted on Sep 29, 2006

    Views: 1,792

    Congrats to Walter Holladay - Winner of Puzzle #15

    Holladay Celebrate!
    Holladay Celebrate!

    If we took a Holladay
    Took some time to celebrate
    Just one day out of life
    It would be, it would be so nice

    Everybody spread the word
    We’re gonna have a celebration
    All across the world
    In every nation
    It’s time for the good times
    Forget about the bad times, oh yeah
    One day to come together
    To release the pressure
    We need a Holladay

    You can turn this world around
    And bring back all of those happy days
    Put your troubles down
    It’s time to celebrate
    Let love shine
    And we will find
    A way to come together
    And make things better
    We need a Holladay

    Holladay Celebrate!
    Holladay Celebrate!

    Come together in every nation and play some Roads and Boats Baby!

  12. Posted on Sep 29, 2006

    Views: 1,483

    Having Login Problems?

    I’ve heard a couple (i.e. two) reports of people having problems logging in. Not sure what’s up with that.

    If you are trying to login, and you keep getting redirected to the front page (with no special “login failed” message) — or you know someone else that is having login problems — please send a electronic message (“e-mail”) to service@tanga.com (or leave a comment below). Please provide some detail about what happens when you try to login.

    In other news, my wife had a fit last night until I got her pizza. Women.

  13. Posted on Sep 29, 2006

    Views: 1,624

    Congrats to Michael Medlin - Winner of Puzzle #14

    Two, Four, Six, Eight, who do we appreciate? Michael! Michael! Michael Medlin!!! He is the winner of a brand new copy of Ticket to Ride Europe by Days of Wonder and the wonderous designer who we call Mr. Alan Moon who happens to sing a pretty good country tune. (It’s all true – I have heard the pilfered MP3s!)

    Congrats and keep on puzzling!

  14. Posted on Sep 27, 2006

    Views: 1,734

    Congrats to Fritz Schwartz! The winner of puzzle #13

    When I was a kid, my parents made me eat grits for breakfast. When I would throw fits, they’d grab their baseball bats and mits and we’d go outside and let off some steam. Then we’d come back and eat Ritz and more grits. Then I’d have to go to Boy Scouts and I got the Firem’n Chit. And my dog loved to eat Kibbles and Bits. Then I grew up and my girlfriend in high school was quite the ditz. Our web site is getting tons of hits and we now say CONGRATS TO Mr. FRITZ! He will be receiving a free copy of Ra(tz) from Uberplay!

  15. Posted on Sep 26, 2006

    Views: 1,379

    Congratulations to Mark Gallardo - winner of puzzle #12

    The guy who is named after one of my favorite cars pulls out a win for Monday’s puzzle. He will win a nice, brand-spankin-new copy of The Princes of Florence! Congrats to Mark – and please remember, that there are no losers in this contest. You are ALL winners in the eyes of the Tanga Gods.

  16. Posted on Sep 25, 2006

    Views: 1,281

    Congratulations to Ashley Nichols - winner of puzzle #11

    Ashley Nicols is the winner of The Motley Fool Buy Low, Sell High game by Dr. Reiner Knizia. Congrats to Ashley for winning today’s puzzle!

  17. Posted on Sep 25, 2006

    Views: 1,075

    Congratulations to Justin Butterfield - the winner of Puzzle #10

    Justin, Justin, he’s our man. If he can’t do it, nobody can! This fine young chap will receive a copy of Tempus. Some say this could be Master Martin Wallace’s finest creation to date and Justin get’s it for absolutely nada (free.) Congrats to Justin and good luck with the remaining puzzles!

  18. Posted on Sep 24, 2006

    Views: 1,731

    Congratulations to Roland Wood - winner of puzzle #9!

    Roland Wood has won Puzzle #9 and will be receiving a free copy of Ticket to Ride Marklin as a gift from the generous, kind and humble souls of Tanga.com. If you wish to leave congratulatory remarks to Roland, you may do so here.

  19. Posted on Sep 23, 2006

    Views: 1,382

    Congrats to Matt Healy - Winner of Puzzle #8!

    Matt Healy is the winner of puzzle #8 and will receive a free copy of Uberplay’s Double or Nothing. Congratulations on winning today’s puzzle contest!

  20. Posted on Sep 22, 2006

    Views: 1,424

    RSS Feeds Active

    This blog’s RSS feed can be found at http://feeds.feedburner.com/TangaBlog . Add it to your feed reader today!

    (TangaJoe likes http://www.google.com/reader)

  21. Posted on Sep 22, 2006

    Views: 1,348

    New Feature Alert!

    Ok, so we had so many people asking for easy ways to share these fun puzzles, we decided to make it easy on you. On each page, in the upper right hand corner, you will see a little envelope icon and the text “Share These Puzzles.” Click on the text and you will be transported magically to a page that will allow you to quickly and easily share these puzzles with your friends and family. Heck, go ahead and send them to people you don’t even like! All we want you to do is share – because really, that is what makes the world go around. That, and gravitational pull from the sun.

  22. Posted on Sep 21, 2006

    Views: 1,089

    Congrats to Larry Levy!

    Larry Levy won yesterday’s uber-tough puzzle and will receive a free copy of Roads and Boats! Congrats to Larry and good luck with the rest of the puzzles…

  23. Posted on Sep 20, 2006

    Views: 1,778

    Parents Just Don't Understand

    So, I wanted to tell my mom about this cool new site that I help make. Here’s the text of my instant message conversation with her:

    (10:21:11) Tanga Joe: you like tanga.com?
    (10:21:34) Mom: I can’t do the first puzzle, does it have to do with leap year?
    (10:21:42) Mom: What is Tanga anyway?
    (10:21:49) Mom: Just for fun, or?
    (10:21:50) Tanga Joe: a website
    (10:21:55) Tanga Joe: you’ll see in a month
    (10:21:58) Mom: There isn’t enough info
    (10:22:12) Mom: is it a commercial website?
    (10:22:20) Tanga Joe: that’s because it’s “One big huge fetchen’ mystery”
    (10:22:20) Mom: Is it for someone, or yours only?
    (10:22:23) Tanga Joe: that’s the title of the website
    (10:22:44) Tanga Joe: yes, it will be a commercial website
    (10:22:53) Mom: well for pity’s sake, I don’t understand at all
    (10:22:55) Mom: whose?
    (10:23:00) Tanga Joe: Tanga
    (10:23:06) Tanga Joe: Tanga, LLC
    (10:23:09) Mom: ?
    (10:23:15) Tanga Joe: that’s the name of the company
    (10:23:17) Tanga Joe: it’s a new company
    (10:23:34) Mom: well, you worked for them before, right?
    (10:23:43) Mom: the game outfit
    (10:23:52) Tanga Joe: one of the guys from that is involved with this.
    (10:23:55) Mom: the name is familiar
    (10:24:03) Mom: ok
    (10:24:12) Mom: how is Jessa?
    (10:24:15) Tanga Joe: have fun with the puzzles.
    (10:24:16) Tanga Joe: Good.
    (10:24:50) Mom: I don’t know how to do them
    (10:24:59) Mom: there aren’t enough clues
    (10:25:02) Tanga Joe: what’s another word for impoverished?
    (10:25:04) Mom: give me a hint
    (10:25:09) Mom: poor
    (10:25:18) Tanga Joe: Ask Dad who Bond’s gadget man was
    (10:25:23) Mom: indigent
    (10:25:35) Mom: he is walking in the rain
    (10:25:48) Tanga Joe: do you know who Bond’s gadget man was?
    (10:25:50) Mom: you mean who made his gadgets
    (10:26:01) Mom: no
    (10:26:07) Mom: of course not
    (10:26:23) Mom: that is why I can’t do the puzzle, it is probably a guy thing
    (10:26:27) Tanga Joe: http://www.klast.net/bond/q.html
    (10:26:40) Mom: ok, I will check it out
    (10:26:45) Mom: is it cold in seattle?
    (10:26:48) Tanga Joe: yes
    (10:26:51) Tanga Joe: look at the website now
    (10:27:04) Mom: we have had snow in the mountains, 46 right now outside
    (10:27:08) Mom: ok
    (10:27:54) Mom: it takes a while to load
    (10:28:20) Mom: my internet is slow today
    (10:28:50) Mom: I still don’t have it up
    (10:29:14) Tanga Joe: dad’s not back yet?
    (10:29:20) Mom: no
    (10:29:31) Tanga Joe: ask him when he gets back
    (10:29:33) Mom: it may not load at all
    (10:29:35) Mom: ok
    (10:29:50) Mom: he will be gone for an hour or so
    (10:29:50) Tanga Joe: and then think what “pinecone” – “cone” is
    (10:30:04) Tanga Joe: pinecone minus pine
    (10:30:11) Mom: good grief, all this from 29 x es?
    (10:30:11) Tanga Joe: oops
    (10:30:16) Tanga Joe: pinecone minus cone
    (10:30:31) Tanga Joe: what?
    (10:30:56) Mom: well, the puzzle has 29 xes doesn’t it?
    (10:30:59) Tanga Joe: no
    (10:31:03) Tanga Joe: aren’t there question marks?
    (10:31:16) Mom: Yes, 2 at the top
    (10:31:19) Tanga Joe: click on the first one
    (10:31:29) Mom: oh, you have to click on it?
    (10:31:32) Tanga Joe: the front page isn’t a puzzle
    (10:31:57) Mom: oh for pity’s sake, well, there were no instructions at all
    (10:32:14) Mom: I will work with it again, you click on both the question marks?
    (10:32:24) Mom: and what are the xes for then?
    (10:32:42) Tanga Joe: they will turn into question marks, one new puzzle each day
    (10:32:50) Tanga Joe: did you click on the first one yet?
    (10:33:10) Mom: no, I don’t even have the website up yet
    (10:38:39) Tanga Joe: did you click it yet?
    (10:39:29) Mom: I need more info
    (10:39:40) Mom: yes, I have the puzzle up
    (10:39:48) Tanga Joe: ok. does it say “Impoverished”?
    (10:39:52) Mom: yes
    (10:40:12) Tanga Joe: Ok. What is “pinecone” minus “cone”?
    (10:40:21) Mom: pine
    (10:40:24) Tanga Joe: Ok.
    (10:40:55) Mom: desmond llewelyn?
    (10:41:08) Tanga Joe: So, take your first answer to another word for Impoverished, add Bond’s Gadget Man, and “pine”
    (10:41:21) Tanga Joe: “poor”, something, “pine”
    (10:42:02) Tanga Joe: from the page: “portrayed James Bond’s gadget man, Q,”
    (10:43:25) Mom: so, it’s poor desmond llewelyn pine?
    (10:45:24) Mom: Porcupine!!!!!!!!

    Note the time gap in between the last two lines in the log. Shakes head.

  24. Posted on Sep 20, 2006

    Views: 1,377

    Tonight's Gonna Be a DOOZY!

    Hey boys and girls! Tonight’s puzzle is a doozy and is the hardest puzzle so far during your fun trip to insanity. But to make it all worth while, we are giving away the best prize yet! A free copy of Roads and Boats. What is Roads and Boats you may ask? It happens to be one of the most sought after games in the free world and takes 240 minutes from start to completion. It contains over 1000 pieces – enough to make you look inside the box, scream and then curl up naked in the corner of a hot shower while sucking your thumb. Can you handle it? Can you handle it? We shall see! BWAHAHAHAHAHA

  25. Posted on Sep 19, 2006

    Views: 1,745

    Aaaarghhhh!!!! Shiver me timbers!

    Arrrr sea dogs an’ lan’ lubbers – if ye didna know already, today be Talkin’ Like A Pirate Day! Shiver me timbers!! Aye, ‘tis th’ tide ‘ere we get t’ use words like “Grog”, “Bung Hole”, “Lubber” an’ “Wench! Ya scurvy bilge rat!” without gettin’ slapped in th’ face.

    We also be havin’ included a DIGG icon next t’ th’ puzzles o’ th’ day. If ye had fun solvin’ th’ puzzles an’ want t’ give us a DIGG, click on th’ link an’ help us spread th’ word. Th’ m’re swabbies who DIGG us, th’ m’re traffic we get, an’ th’ m’re we be able t’ provide ye all wi’ cool puzzels an’ a whole lot m’re. So DIGG away Mateys! Avast, ye scab’r’us swabs!!

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